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Lets Guess What ‘Bed Intruder’ Antoine Dodson’s Reality Show Will Be!

Lets Guess What 'Bed Intruder' Antoine Dodson's Reality Show Will Be!

Do we have to tell you that Antoine Dodson, the guy behind the Bed Intruder song* is now getting a reality show? Really? We’d rather not. But fine:
TMZ says Antoine will be getting a reality show. Good for him. Really living the American Dream, assuming the American Dream involved turning the event of your sister almost getting sexually assaulted in her own home into a song you perform on Lopez Tonight. We blame those auto-tune the news guys. More »

Sex on the Wire: Christine O’Donnell’s Bed Intruder Ad

Sex on the Wire: Christine O'Donnell's Bed Intruder Ad

• Hey ladies! It’s still a “red flag” if a guy doesn’t pay the entirety of your first date together. Yay feminism? (Betty Confidential)

• The sexiest photo you’ll see all day: Zach Galifianakis in a bathing suit. (The Frisky)

• Complain about sex parties occuring on school grounds is enough to get you fired from your teaching job in Texas now. (Nerve)

• Are you really attracted to guys with 6-pack abs? (The Gloss)

• Turn out that cloning ain’t got nothing on good old fashion boning. (MSNBC)

Nick James, husband of Devon James, one of Tiger Woods’ porn mistresses, swears he’ll release a sex tape of his wife and the golfer. Just what we were asking for! (Huffington Post)

Christine O’Donnell has a sense of humor! Her latest ad rips on that awesome bed intruder song. (Urlesque) More »