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‘Rocky Horror’ Gleek of the Week: Mercedes As Frankenfurter

'Rocky Horror' Gleek of the Week: Mercedes As Frankenfurter

TMI Confession time: When I was in elementary school, my favorite movie was the Rocky Horror Picture Show. To this day, I still don’t know why my parents thought it was an appropriate movie to show a 6-year-old; I do know that a bunch of kids weren’t allowed back over to my house after their parents found them reenacting some of the more risque scenes with me out in my backyard.

So, much like Sue Sylvester, I came into Glee‘s Rocky Horror Picture Show tribute with some reservations. Yes, the “It’s not okay kids!” excuse served as a thinly veiled metaphor for the GQ photo controversy of Lea Michele and co. last week, but more than that, my memories of Tim Curry in drag have been tarnished by years of therapy and the realization that, well, the show isn’t all that great.

That being said: campy songs and faux-transvestites are what drives Fox’s sing-along to begin with, and I can’t think of a musical that toes the uneasy line between teenage fun and adult sexuality better than Rocky Horror. So lets dive into my traumatic past and last night’s episode with this week’s winners and losers of Glee! More »