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Crushable Quotable: Jesse Eisenberg’s Ween Obsession Is Kind Of Creepy

Crushable Quotable: Jesse Eisenberg's Ween Obsession Is Kind Of Creepy

Ween is one of those bands I love because they can sound like so many different bands. They can be melodic, hardcore, alternative, jam-bandy, and sometimes even sounding like The Beatles.

But my first introduction to the band was the same song that got The Social Network star Jesse Eisenberg obsessed with the 90s alt-rock group, and it’s honestly the most terrifying single of all time, “Spinal Meningitis:” More »

Interview: NYC Band ‘The Hotcakes’ on Dating, Dancing, And ‘No Doubt’

Interview: NYC Band 'The Hotcakes' on Dating, Dancing, And 'No Doubt'

New York rock quartet The Hotcakes are often compared favorably to the band Blondie in reviews, and it’s easy to see why. Not just because lead singer Erin Marz‘s has Debbie Harry hair, but the sweet 70s disco-pop sounds that prevailed on their 2008 self-titled EP are as catchy as “Sunday Girl.”

We were lucky enough to chat with Erin and her three handsome bandmates (Matt Stamm, Kevin Snider, and Lee Leshen) before they debuted their second EP “Gonna Go Out” at NYC club Arlene’s Grocery this Saturday night. More »

CMJ Interview: Miniboone

CMJ Interview: Miniboone

It’s not easy to get reccomended by The Village Voice, but the New York punkpop group Miniboone may be the exception. Called “an enchanting mesh of old-school energy and new-school melody” by the Voice and “joyous power-pop” by NPR the 5-piece guy group gets their shows regularly listed in music blogs and local papers alike. Gearing up to release some new songs after the success of their first EP, Big Changes, Miniboone is taking the stage for several nights at CMJ. We spoke with Craig Barnes and Doug Schrashun (both guitar, keyboard, and vocals along with a third member, James Keary. Taylor Gabriels plays drums and Sam Rich is on bass) about their namesake, free haircuts, and weird groupies. More »