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Hot Shot: James Marsden Is Band Of Outsiders’ New Face

Hot Shot: James Marsden Is Band Of Outsiders' New Face

Hey, we think we slept with this guy once! Just kidding, that’s James Marsden, not that dude with the $400-a-month studio apartment by the Hollywood freeway* who thought that five crates of records and a dying cactus counted as furniture. Yes indeed, that’s James Marsden, Hollywood actor, living out some I-sleep-til-noon-and-then-I-talk-about-music-and-philosophy-at-the-coffee-shop-with-Scientologists fantasy like he’s trapped inside a Warren Zevon song. James Marsden, selling clothes by stealing the persona off of the dude who draws your portrait on a napkin at the bar while listening to his own band on his iPod, even though something totally good like The National or Warren Zevon is on the stereo.

Whatever — he’s still hot, and we’d still sleep with him (again). More »