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Crush Links: ‘Breaking Dawn’ Premieres In LA

Crush Links: 'Breaking Dawn' Premieres In LA

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Breaking Dawn premieres in LA. (Have U Heard)

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Bachelor Pad Superlatives: All The Things Blake Should Have Kept

Bachelor Pad Superlatives: All The Things Blake Should Have Kept

Here were are, at the Bachelor Pad finale. ABC screwed us once again, by presenting us with 3 god-awful hours of television and I’m here to painstakingly keep track of every stupid comment, every time Kasey’s head got bright red, every time Jake gave us that phony smirk, every time they showed the zombie that lives inside Ella’s new face, and every time Michael pretended to be okay with Blake and Holly stomping on his heart on national TV. Bachelor Pad answers that age old question: What do you get when you put 18 people with really bland personalities in one house? Unfortunately, not a whole lot. More »

Bachelor Pad Superlatives: No Is No, Kasey!

Bachelor Pad Superlatives: No Is No, Kasey!

The rules have changed, but the idiots are still the same. They’re now competing as couples, which means the stakes are a bit higher…and Erica and Kasey are much, much hornier. As in, they both needed to be told “no” on multiple occasions after unwanted sexual advances. Yikes! Thankfully, Blake continued to provide us with fodder and Erica really, really stepped it up to make this a week to remember. Here is my week 5 recap, superlatives style. More »