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Watch Jake Pavelka Awkwardly Make Small Talk with Ex Vienna Girardi’s Boyfriend on ‘Bachelor Pad 2′

Watch Jake Pavelka Awkwardly Make Small Talk with Ex Vienna Girardi's Boyfriend on 'Bachelor Pad 2'

As much as Vienna Girardi walking off the set of the Bachelor reunion with Jake Pavelka and Chris Hansen made for exciting TV, there’s something much more hilarious about the awkward encounter she had with Jake on last night’s premiere of Bachelor Pad 2. It’s the kind of thing you would see between any two exes: Jake introduces himself to the other guests while Vienna watches him warily. Then, when he gets to her, it’s both of them softly saying, “Hi.” Jake could have saved things if he’d just excused himself, but he rushed on with, “Good to see you. You look nice. And I met Kasey.” That would be Kasey Kahl, former Bachelorette contestant and Vienna’s new boyfriend. More »

Crushable Presents: ‘Bachelor Pad 2′ Superlatives (AKA Welcome To STD Central)

Crushable Presents: 'Bachelor Pad 2' Superlatives (AKA Welcome To STD Central)

Finally, the moment very few people have been waiting for: the 3 hour season premiere of Bachelor Pad. Shame on you ABC for making us stay up so late on a Monday. Considering that this show is basically an excuse for crazy people to act crazy while hooking up and breaking up with each other over and over again, we’re taking this opportunity to award superlatives for this season’s contestants. Enjoy! More »