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Bret Easton Ellis’ Baby-Sitters Club: Stacey and Dawn’s Big Adventure, Pt. 2

Bret Easton Ellis' Baby-Sitters Club: Stacey and Dawn's Big Adventure, Pt. 2

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When we finally got to our hotel (some fancy Trump building that I had written down but immediately forgotten the name of as soon as we checked it) the TV was already on: Overly bright, somehow menacingly swathes of colors showed a cartoon chihuahua doing unspeakable things to his friend, a fat blob of a cat. Dawn, who had been holding out on me the entire train ride from Stoneybrook, immediately flopped down on the bed, riding her sugar high and giggling like an idiot. I was very, very thirsty. More »

The Best of Crushable

The Best of Crushable

From Tiki Barber‘s girlfriend Traci Johnson writing her 1st hand account for us to The Situation joining Dancing with the Stars and looking to make $5 million next year, we had a pretty ridiculous week. Please, won’t you take a look back with us?

• Guest of a Guest and Crushable team up to bring your our 3rd installment of TV Moments Reenacted by Party Guests.

• Vampire real estate tax laws and fairies on True Blood.

The Situation is out to make $5 million next year, and that’s even before we knew he was Dancing with the Stars.
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Bret Easton Ellis’ Baby-Sitters Club Chapter Four: Stacey and Dawn’s Big Adventure, Pt. 1

Bret Easton Ellis' Baby-Sitters Club Chapter Four: Stacey and Dawn's Big Adventure, Pt. 1

See the previous three installments of this series here.

When the guy at the ticket counter asked where two young pretty girls like us were going on a school day, I almost wanted to tell him whatever train got me to Newark Aiport the fastest. Then it would be a five hour flight to LAX, or maybe John Wayne. Then what, another hour or so before I could be on the outskirts of Anaheim, watching the faces of my brother Jeff and my dad as I ran into the house. Yeah, right. Nice fantasy and all, but I probably couldn’t pick Jeff out of a lineup these days which – from the brief overheard fights I can hear my mom having in the study these days – he’ll actually be a part of soon enough. Just another fantasy about getting the hell out of Connecticut and the stifling suburbs. More »

The Baby-Sitters Club By Bret Easton Ellis Chapter 3: Mary Anne’s Man

The Baby-Sitters Club By Bret Easton Ellis Chapter 3: Mary Anne's Man

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It was dark by the time everyone left Kristy’s, and I spent a good 20 minutes watching the shadows play across the wall and thinking of nothing. Sometimes I would hear a car ride by and slow down, and it always sounded like the same car, something heavy and ominous, like Stacey’s mom’s minivan. A couple times I heard footsteps on the stairs, and I braced myself for the tentative knocking of Kristie’s brother, David Michael, but that never happened either. My stomach hurt.

When the phone rang, I tried to ignore it, but that was against the Baby-Sitter Club rules. What if it was Mr. Brewer calling to check up on his future step-daughter? I know Kristy talked to her mom’s boyfriend a lot: she told me all the time in this breathless voice how he would call her late at night and search for an excuse not to talk to her mom. Mr. Brewer was one of the richest guys in StoneyBrook. I can’t say I really blame Kristy for talking to him, though some of the stuff he says to her gives me the creeps. More »

Best of: Crushable Last Week

Best of: Crushable Last Week

From the shores of Jersey to the Imperial Bedrooms of the Baby-Sitters Club; introducing you to new Internet celebrities like white-board girl Jenny and Joseph Gordon-Levitt‘s fire-twirling brother, Dan: Yes, it’s the best of this week’s Crushable, in one crunchy, nougaty post! More »