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AnnaLynne McCord Is a Good Sport with 90210′s Bikini Jousting and ‘Avatar’ Costuming Stunts

AnnaLynne McCord Is a Good Sport with 90210's Bikini Jousting and 'Avatar' Costuming Stunts

Despite playing West Bev’s queen bee, AnnaLynne McCord has been slapped with some of the show’s sillier stunt plotlines. Last season, she got a head-to-toe transformation into a Na’vi from Avatar in order to attract geeky Max (Josh Zuckerman). And judging from these new set pics, Naomi is setting herself up for more ridicule in a time-honored sorority tradition: Bikini jousting, and a good sliming on top of that. More »

What’s Up With All the 3D Movies?

What's Up With All the 3D Movies?

First it was a handful of computer animated films. Then it was most computer animated films. Then it was a handful of live action films. Then Avatar happened, and ever since then, nearly every single big-budget action-y movie that has been released has been in 3D.

What the hell’s up with that?

Let me get the record straight: I don’t think there’s anything wrong with 3D movies– as long as the 3D bit is essential to the story being told. The big problem I’ve been having lately is that more and more, the use of 3D technology in filmmaking is becoming a gimmick or a trend, rather than an actual technique. The question I keep asking is whether or not the 3D element is actually doing anything to enhance the films it’s being applied to– and mostly, I don’t think it is. More »

Video: ‘Black Swan’ Makeup Tutorial Is This Years ‘Avatar’ Makeup Tutorial

Video: 'Black Swan' Makeup Tutorial Is This Years 'Avatar' Makeup Tutorial

Gloria Shuri Nava gained Internet notoriety last year when her amazingly misunderstood Avatar makeup tutorial became synonymous with all things creepy and Na’vi. But Gloria’s videos are hysterically funny, and not in a “look at this weirdo” way. Because as her new video shows, anyone can throw some makeup on their face and get made fun of on YouTube, but it takes a real trooper to take some Ecstasy first and get head from Mila Kunis in order to fully immerse themselves in the experience of being the Black Swan. Brava, glowpinkstah! More »

James Cameron will make Avatar 2 & 3 next – The director has finally agreed to take on the sequels to his blue-bodied blockbuster. He plans to begin working on the scripts early next year. Maybe he’ll have invented 4D technology by then? (OMG)

Sex on the Wire: Sorry For the Gonorrhea, Guatemala

Sex on the Wire: Sorry For the Gonorrhea, Guatemala

• Lets all tune in today as Hillary Clinton apologizes to Guatemala on behalf of America for giving the entire country STDs in the 60s. It was just a different time, man! (Nerve)

• Oh good, another “sexy” Russian cyber-spy. Can we just move all the future James Bond movies onto the Internet?? (Gawker)

• Why should you date a white guy? Well here, let this entire new blog devoted to the subject fill you in! (The Gloss)

• Today is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Crushable has teamed up with Ralph Lauren’s Pink Pony in order to promote the worthwhile cause. (Styleite)

• Oh good, that’s what we needed: More naked Na’vi’s. Thanks Hustler! Nobody thought of that great idea yet (except all of the Internet, 10 months ago). (Fleshbot)

Eliot Spitzer‘s new CNN show isn’t going to cover sex scandals. Weird! (The Wrap)

• Madonna’s new Dolce and Gabonna ad makes us feel funny inside, like when grandma tries to be sexy. (College Candy) More »

This Guy’s Really Into ‘Avatar’

This Guy's Really Into 'Avatar'

A Typepad blogger named Ray Knowles just got his seventh Neytiri from Avatar tattoo — but unfortunately none of them are in 3D. Just to be on the safe side, we’ve decided to request a restraining order on Zoe Saldana‘s behalf. (Although somehow there’s a wedding ring on this guy’s finger, so maybe he’s just really into Na’vi blue?)

Hey, we bet we can guess what Ray’s favorite movie is! (Last Tango In Paris.)
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