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14 Of Hollywood’s Most Lovable Weirdos

14 Of Hollywood's Most Lovable Weirdos

As a weirdo moving about the world, I recognize other weirdos when I see them. They have a kind of fuzzy aura about them, that you have to squint to see, oh and also they’re total outward weirdos and everyone knows they’re weird. But they’re also wondrous humans and they deserve your love too, so let’s spend an afternoon together in celebration of them. More »

Before Aubrey Plaza Was Famous, She Starred In A Hilarious Video Called ‘Teen Hag’

Before Aubrey Plaza Was Famous, She Starred In A Hilarious Video Called 'Teen Hag'

Before she was the deadpanniest of deadpan people on Parks and Recreation, and before she was Kanye West-ing Will Ferrell at the MTV Movie Awards, she was just your average teen hag. No, I’m not insulting her. Aubrey starred in a hilarious fake movie trailer for the movie Teen Hag, in which she played a girl who turns into a sea hag during high school — the worst time to find out you’re a sea hag, amirite? More »

8 New Year’s Resolutions Inspired By Amy Poehler’s Ask Amy Web Series

8 New Year's Resolutions Inspired By Amy Poehler's Ask Amy Web Series

I don’t know if you’ve been stalking Amy Poehler as much as I have lately, but I am IN LOVE with her web series called Smart Girls Ask Amy. In case you aren’t familiar, the show is an advice segment from her Smart Girls at the Party series where Amy takes a big sister approach to give advice to teen girls. But let’s be honest, even in our 20’s we could use her advice. More »