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Who Should Join Anne Hathaway in the Cast of Les Miserables?

Who Should Join Anne Hathaway in the Cast of Les Miserables?

You may or may not be aware of this, but a movie version of the international musical theatre sensation Les Miserables is currently in the works. This isn’t the first time in recent memory someone has tried to put Victor Hugo’s novel on the screen, but it IS the first time that it’s been done in musical form. And it’s racking up a pretty good cast, too: Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe signed on as escaped con Jean Valjean and Inspector Javert respectively a while ago, and just this week, Anne Hathaway joined the team as Fantine, the ill-fated singer of “I Dreamed a Dream.” So that got us thinking: Who ELSE might shine in this star-studded cast? We have no idea if any of these actors can sing, but hey, that’s never stopped anyone in the past (Sweeney Todd, much?). Here are our picks for the cast of the new Les Mis: More »

Wikipedia Has Started Including Celebrities’ Autographs on Their Profiles

Wikipedia Has Started Including Celebrities' Autographs on Their Profiles

Thanks to the accessibility of Wikipedia, fans of celebrities can enter any minute detail of the stars’ lives into their biographies on the site. Including, it seems, their autographs. In the last week or two, I’ve started to notice that in addition to birthdate, marriages, years in the business, etc., savvy fans/Wiki editors have added stars’ signatures to the “quick facts” boxes on certain profiles. More »

Why So Brown, Ladies At The People’s Choice Awards?

Why So Brown, Ladies At The People's Choice Awards?

Everyone knows that that the 10 mile radius surrounding Hollywood is Ground Zero in the overtanning war zone. And while Los Angeles is always on Orange Alert, last night at The People’s Choice Awards, things were taken to a whole new level. The ladies in attendance weren’t simply over tanned (though there was plenty of that on display.) Rather, it seemed like a lot of the women on stage last night had made a pact to be more…brown.

Why? Are we missing something? Last time we checked, dirt and formal affairs do not mix so well (unless you’re Ke$ha). Note: Ke$ha was not in attendance. More »

Party Report: ‘Seventeen’ Magazine Brings Cheerleading, Ashley Tisdale to Offices

Party Report: 'Seventeen' Magazine Brings Cheerleading, Ashley Tisdale to Offices

Early this week, I was invited to cover a “private party” thrown by Seventeen Magazine to celebrate its October issue. Ashley Tisdale and Aly Michalka — some Disney actresses my little cousin likes — would be there promoting a new CW show called Hellcats, in which they play sexy, sassy cheerleaders. I’m always down to throw back a few with teen idols and milk them for quotes, so I emailed Crushable, “Sure, sounds like weird fun.”

Then I realized the party was at 1pm, in the Seventeen offices, and there would be children there. A booze-less photo op. This was to be more weird than fun, but interesting nonetheless. More »