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Crush Links: Justin Bieber Takes Paternity Test

Crush Links: Justin Bieber Takes Paternity Test

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Celebrity Lookalikes: Ashley Greene’s ‘Twilight’ Wig and Famous Celebrity Haircuts

Celebrity Lookalikes: Ashley Greene's 'Twilight' Wig and Famous Celebrity Haircuts

Ashley Greene‘s Twilight wig has come a long way: Over the course of five movies, it’s gone from a feathered freakshow to a sleek, gamine look. Greene even said that shooting the two-part Breaking Dawn was the first time she felt truly comfortable in Alice Cullen’s short hair. As proof that frizziness changes appearance, here are the celebrities she resembled at each stage of her fake-hair journey. More »

Snap This: The ‘Twilight’ Second Stringers Bring Breakfast to Fans Camped Out at Comic-Con

Snap This: The 'Twilight' Second Stringers Bring Breakfast to Fans Camped Out at Comic-Con

The Twilight fans who camped out all night for the series’ Comic-Con panel knew they were in for a treat the next day when they saw the cast speak about Breaking Dawn. What they didn’t expect was for the cast to show up early that morning with breakfast in tow! That’s Booboo Stewart, who plays excitable young werewolf Seth Clearwater, making sure Twihards stay energized with fruit. But where were the movie’s famous trio — Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner?

Maybe the SDCC coordinators were afraid that any sightings of the three would incite actual riots among the fans, and that it would be safer for them to stay just out of fans’ reach on the stage at the panel later. Maybe Booboo and the others got roped into it because they don’t have the same superstar status but are nonetheless attached to the films. After the jump, see which more well-known cast members were able to make an appearance. More »