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A Date with the iPhone 4S’s Siri

A Date with the iPhone 4S's Siri

The biggest new feature of the brand-new iPhone 4S is, without a doubt, Siri. Siri, you see, is like your personal assistant, only better, because you can carry her around in your pocket. You can ask her to call people and she’ll do it; texting, ditto; if you need directions, she can do that; hell, just about anything you need, she can find a solution for you. In fact, you can carry out whole conversations with Siri.

This got me thinking. Whole conversations? What would Siri be like in a place where questions and answers really matter? Like, say… on a date?

So I did just that. I dressed Siri up and I took her out to her favorite restaurant, and we attempted to get to know each other a little better. How did it go? Well… More »