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Justin Bieber Pranks Both TMZ And His Beliebers In One Fell Swoop For April Fool’s Day

Justin Bieber Pranks Both TMZ And His Beliebers In One Fell Swoop For April Fool's Day

Yesterday Justin Bieber fancied himself an amateur Jim Halpert and concocted his very own April Fool’s prank. It involved Twitter, a fanbase of Beliebers hanging on his every tweet, and TMZ. I imagine Justin got his team together on March 31 in a secluded conference room lit only by a dim ceiling lamp swinging squeakily back and forth, spread his months of research out on the table, and said, “It’s time to talk about April Fool’s.” More »

Google Introduces Google Nose BETA In An April Fool’s Prank People Will Probably Fall For

Google Introduces Google Nose BETA In An April Fool's Prank People Will Probably Fall For

Well, it’s finally April. And April 1st means it’s April Fool’s Day. The existence of the Internet makes it even easier to fool the population as a whole. And this year, Google went all out with their prank, introducing Google Nose BETA, a new feature that brings the power of scent to your Google search results. Because obviously that’s what we’ve been missing when we Google stuff. More »

Video: I Would Totally Watch ‘The Aurors’

Video: I Would Totally Watch 'The Aurors'

This may be a little after the fact, but somehow I missed IGN’s April Fool’s video until Rob over at Topless Robot pointed it out today (he missed it too, so I feel a little less bad about that now). But check this out: A Law and Order-style detective show set in the urban underbelly of the Harry Potter universe? Yes, please! Too bad it doesn’t actually exist; if it did, you can be sure I’d be tuning in every week. But we can always dream, and those dreams can be colored by this marvelous pretend trailer. Happy watching! More »

Snap This: Nickelback April Fools’ Prank

Snap This: Nickelback April Fools' Prank

I know I gave you the exhaustive April Fools’ Day roundup on Friday, but I had to add just one more. The Daily What posted this fake but hilarious newspaper article (linked to by Twitter user @boomtisca) praising Nickelback for their amazing music and announcing that they had received the lifetime achievement award at the Grammys last February. I’m unable to tell where this fake newspaper comes from, but it looks as if the article beneath the Nickelback piece is about Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. More »

April Fool’s Day Is The Annoying Dentist Of Comedic Events

April Fool's Day Is The Annoying Dentist Of Comedic Events

Dentists get a bad rep. Partly because they pull things out of your mouth that generally want to stay attached to your face in an often painful way. But also because many of them have a tendency toward sharing really terrible jokes. And when you’ve got a bunch of cotton in your mouth or a man wielding massive needles near your face, there’s really nothing you can do about that.

And so that gets us to today, April Fool’s Day, whereby anyone and everyone who feels so inspired, can make up ridiculous stories and ideas and then gaffaw uproariously when you confuse the sentences that they’ve strung together as truth. April Fool’s Day is what happens when the world turns into a smelly breathed dentist who makes you sigh through the exposition of a joke until he* weezingly get around to the punchline, which is always the same: Just Kidding! More »