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Prom Flick Check List: ’90210′

Prom Flick Check List: '90210'

This week’s 90210 recap is a little different, in honor of it being the West Bev prom! “The Prom Before the Storm” had college woes, lies and paranoia, and more than one kid facing their mortality — let’s see how all that ranks against the stereotypes of prom episodes and movies of the past. In the tradition of Crushable’s Chick Flick Check List, here’s a Prom Flick Check List — tallying up romantic dramas, the search for the perfect dress, the delight of the unexpected, and choreographed dance scenes. All scores are out of 100.

90210‘s Prom List Rating: 57 More »

Crush Links: 90210′s AnnaLynne McCord Dressed As A Na’vi

Crush Links: 90210's AnnaLynne McCord Dressed As A Na'vi

AnnaLynne McCord dressed up like a Na’vi from Avatar for 90210. We have no idea why. But thought you might like it. (celebuzz)

In other things we don’t understand, Snoop Dogg wrote a song for Prince William. It’s called “Wet.” (InTouch)

Cameron Diaz says being skinny is her burden. Yack. (SocialiteLife)

Khloe Kardashian might be pregnant. (SocialiteLife)

Is it sad that I kind of want to be friends with Mila Kunis? Her favorite thing to do is watch TV in her PJs. Just like us! Think I just answered my own question… (ONTD)

Also, she used to be blind in one eye. What? (Us) More »

Crush Links: Charlie Sheen Is Still Alive and Other Great News

Crush Links: Charlie Sheen Is Still Alive and Other Great News

• Um, Charlie Sheen might be dead by the time you read this. Or he might be having the time of his life. (PopEater)

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore are now illegal recruitment aids for the University of Iowa. (TMZ)

&bull Ryan Reynolds and Amanda Seyfried? Sure, at least they’re attractive enough to make beautiful babies. (RadarOnline)

• Finally, go team America! At least for Alexandria Mills, who just won the Miss World pageant. (Monsters and Critics)

Brett Favre received 8 stitches in his chin after his injury on field last night. Don’t worry people, his dick is doing just fine, as it was ostensibly also covered by a protective strap. Though one can never tell, can they? (NFL Playhouse) More »

Annalynne McCord Appears In Web Series! – Check out Dial Star, the online show about some chick trying to be like  the 90210 actress: It’s like The Hills or something, except scripted. Excuse us, more scripted. (via DialStar.TV)