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Kim Kardashian’s Latest Instagram Proves Cute Babies Are Anna Wintour’s Kryptonite

Kim Kardashianâs Latest Instagram Proves Cute Babies Are Anna Wintourâs Kryptonite

This Throwback Thursday, Kim Kardashian used her Instagram to remind us of a momentous occasion: The official meeting of Anna Wintour and North West. The Vogue editor met the world’s cutest infant (and her crazy famous parents) at a fancy restaurant to discuss putting the family on the cover of the magazine. It was an historic day, but little North was over it. More »

The Glee Portrayal Of The Magazine Industry In Last Night’s Episode Was The Worst

The Glee Portrayal Of The Magazine Industry In Last Night's Episode Was The Worst

Okay, Glee. I’m a little insulted by last night’s episode. As someone who just spent four years studying magazines in college and doing internship after internship and who moved to New York City right after graduation to find a magazine job and STILL hasn’t found one, I’m super annoyed at your portrayal of Kurt and his internship at More »

Sarah Jessica Parker’s House Doesn’t Meet The Anna Wintour Standard

Sarah Jessica Parkerâs House Doesnât Meet The Anna Wintour Standard

Last night, Sarah Jessica Parker hosted a swanky fundraiser for President Obama in her West Village townhouse. Anna Wintour co-hosted, and attendees paid $40,000 a person to attend with fellow party-goers including Meryl Streep and Michael Kors. It was a big night, but surely Parker, if anyone, should have been prepared: She’s a New York City fashion icon who has been on the cover of Vogue and played a Vogue contributor on TV! But alas, according to today’s New York Post, her home decorating style didn’t exactly measure up to Vogue’s expectations. More »

Crush Links: An Eye for an Eye, a Drug for a Drug

Crush Links: An Eye for an Eye, a Drug for a Drug

• Bummed that Bret Michaels‘ cruise got cancelled? You can dry your tears onboard the Backstreet Boys‘ boat, setting out this December! (The Frisky)

Anna Wintour gave Hugh Jackman‘s one-man show a standing ovation… which apparently makes him a shoo-in for Broadway. (Lainey Gossip)

• Now here’s a scary future: By the time celebrity offspring may want to run for office, their wacko names may not sound so weird anymore. (YourTango)

• You know how vaccines are made of the viruses they’re supposed to cure? Brooke Mueller is taking a drug called ibogaine to cure her heroin addiction. Wtf? (Hollywood Hiccups)

Kris Jenner celebrates Kim Kardashian‘s upcoming nuptials by getting a facelift. Oh, this world we live in. (Betty Confidential)

Questionable Choices: This Is What Anna Wintour Wore to the Knicks Game

Questionable Choices: This Is What Anna Wintour Wore to the Knicks Game

Anna Wintour was one of the many celebs in attendance to watch the Knicks lose their final quarterfinal match against the Celtics in spectacular fashion yesterday. And this is what she wore! A conservative top, jewels, and a poofy skirt in Knickerbocker orange and blue. We’re all for team spirit, but there’s something weirdly cognitively dissonant about rocking uniform colors on an article of clothing that’s so utterly un-sporty. Like, somehow wearing a black tutu to a Dodger game would be less weird than wearing a blue and white tutu, because one could reasonably argue that they just happened to be wearing a tutu and happened to have arrived at the stadium. Or something. Like we said, this photo did something weird to our brain. More »