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Meet Paul Rudd’s Mustache, Proof That Anchorman 2 Is Almost Here

Meet Paul Rudd's Mustache, Proof That Anchorman 2 Is Almost Here

It’s finally here — solid proof that Anchorman 2 is almost upon us. And this time, it’s more than just a fever dream that I have after I eat a few too many animal crackers in the shape of Will Ferrell before bed. Oh no, it’s much more than that. This proof is a living, breathing proof, that hung off the front of Paul Rudd‘s face when he went on The Today Show this morning to promote his new movie… More »

‘Anchorman 2′ Is Kind Of A Big Deal – Let The Obnoxious Quoting Begin

âAnchorman 2â² Is Kind Of A Big Deal â Let The Obnoxious Quoting Begin

Listen, Anchorman was a funny movie. I guess. If you think poop and social awkwardness are funny. You want to know what wasn’t funny about it? The fact that we all had to listen to every man under the age of 50 and every woman who claims to be “just one of the guys” quote this movie verbatim for three years after its release. That wasn’t funny, it was painful.

Which is why it is complete bullshit that Ferrell and company are coming out with Anchorman 2. Bros will be swarming around this movie like flies on shit, which might sound like a cliche but is an incredibly apt analogy here. Because bros remind me of insects quite a bit, and this movie is bound to have plenty of jokes involving shit. More »