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This Lovely Bunheads Farewell Dance Reminds Me What A Shame It Is That It’s Canceled

This Lovely Bunheads Farewell Dance Reminds Me What A Shame It Is That It's Canceled

One of the biggest reasons I had for loving this show was its production of beautiful and complex dance numbers. That’s why this farewell video from creator Amy Sherman-Palladino and the cast is so bittersweet. It beautifully captures what made those dance sequences so perfect while reminding us that we won’t get a chance to see anymore of them. More »

I’m Beginning To Think Bunheads Isn’t About Dance

I'm Beginning To Think Bunheads Isn't About Dance

Last week’s series premiere of Bunheads left us with the cliffhanger of did Hubbell die or not? Well, he did. And this show is getting stranger by the second. Michelle’s obviously confused since her husband just died, but she didn’t love him so she doesn’t know what to do. She stays to help Fanny out with the plans for Hubbell’s Buddhist memorial. That and she really doesn’t have anywhere else to go. More »

A Real Dancer’s Take On Bunheads

A Real Dancer's Take On Bunheads

As a former dancer, ABC Family’s new show Bunheads immediately piqued my interest. I watched all the previews and trailers with increased enthusiasm for what looked like a fun drama created by one of my favorite woman in Hollywood, Amy Sherman-Palladino. Seeing that the creator of Gilmore Girls also created this show got my hopes up that Bunheads would feature strong female leads, fast-paced conversation and witty dialogue — all centered around the world of dance. What could be more fun for a former dancer (who still sometimes misses the dance world) to watch?
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4 Things We Want to See — and 2 We Don’t — in ‘Gilmore Girls’ Creator’s ‘Nanny Diaries’ TV Show

4 Things We Want to See -- and 2 We Don't -- in 'Gilmore Girls' Creator's 'Nanny Diaries' TV Show

Amy Sherman-Palladino is aces at capturing nontraditional relationships between mothers and their kids. Her show Gilmore Girls, about a single mom raising her daughter in a quirky town away from her WASPy parents, is one of our absolute favorite dramedies. Unfortunately, her follow-up, The Return of Jezebel James, didn’t make it past one season even though it tread the interesting ground of surrogacy. We think Sherman-Palladino could have a winner with her latest project: Adapting The Nanny Diaries, the novel about a nanny working for a privileged family in the Upper East Side, into a TV series for ABC. More »

The Palladinos are Blogging

The Palladinos are Blogging

Amy Sherman-Palladino and Dan Palladino, creators / producers for Gilmore Girls, are on the scene of the Democratic Convention in Denver to live-blog for PopWatch! The first post, written by Dan in co-ordination with Amy, can be read here. The … More »