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A Look Back At Lea Michele And Theo Stockman’s Relationship

A Look Back At Lea Michele And Theo Stockman's Relationship

Oh my – Lea Michele has broken up with her boyfriend, Broadway actor Theo Stockman, aka DJ Theocracy. (Seriously, that’s his DJ name – we assume that means he only plays one type of music?) Evidently there was no big blowout between the pair, who dated for over a year, and their publicists are giving the standard “relationship ran its course/they’re still friends” line. Let’s take a look back at the romance between these two thespians, shall we? More »

Does Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong Age? Watch A 15 Year Morph In 3 Seconds

Does Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong Age? Watch A 15 Year Morph In 3 Seconds

Billie Joe Armstrong might be the most enduring teen girl crush object of our time. With Green Day’s longevity comes continuous waves of high school girls who all think the spiky haired rocker is the cutest. (We were there ourselves, about two waves ago.) Because although Billie Joe’s 38 years old, he still has that goofy little boy thing going on. Which makes us wonder: is Billie Joe actually ageless? Is there some sort of Dorian Gray thing going on with our favorite East Bay punker? We took a photo from Saturday’s 300th performance of American Idiot and one from the 90s and morphed them together. You be the judge of whether Billie Joe’s stumbled across the Fountain of Youth.
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Spotted -- It’s The Queen!  We saw Helen Mirren and husband Taylor Hackford sitting in a middle row at the Saturday night showing of American Idiot on Broadway. “She has a cute nose,” a pal remarked.