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‘Spell Block Tango’ Is The Disney Villain/Chicago Mash-Up You Didn’t Know You Wanted

'Spell Block Tango' Is The Disney Villain/Chicago Mash-Up You Didn't Know You Wanted

I still love a really well-executed Disney mash-up, especially when it involves Broadway show tunes. Extra points if the mash-up passes over those overexposed princesses in favor of the underappreciated villains. Let’s face it, the villains are often the most entertaining part of the movie. Sure they might be sociopaths, but at least they’re snarky sociopaths. More »

Video: The Top 5 Renditions Of ‘I Will Always Love You’ Since Whitney Houston’s Death

Video: The Top 5 Renditions Of 'I Will Always Love You' Since Whitney Houston's Death

Ever since Whitney Houston‘s untimely death, celebrities have been paying tribute to her by performing “I Will Always Love You,” which was penned by Dolly Parton but made famous by Whitney’s amazing rendition. This type of memorializing tends to serve the double purpose of paying tribute to Whitney and getting that celebrity what he or she hopes is the right kind of attention. Here are the five best ones, so far. More »

‘Glee’ Recap: All Hail General Zon!

'Glee' Recap: All Hail General Zon!

After a lengthy hiatus, Glee is back in action and ready for devastating amounts of evil. Demonic Sue calls a meeting of the demented minds in the middle of the night, time usually designated for Sylvester’s “bow-hunting for hobos.” Joining in the insidious coach of Vocal Adrenaline Dustin Goolsby (Cheyanne Jackson), disgraced glee coach Sandy Ryerson (Stephen Tobolowsky) and of course Terri Schuester, shrew. Sue dubs them Sargent Handsome, The Pink Dagger, Honeybadger respectively, before handing out their assignments designed to take down Will Schuester’s pride and joy. It goes without saying that Goolsy fails to ruin Schue’s current relationship and Sandy biffs the opportunity to ruin the glee kids’ performance. As for the Honeybadger? Ah, she lies in wait… More »

‘Glee’ Recap: Hell To The No

'Glee' Recap: Hell To The No

Regionals are here! Just in time for the Glee kids to hastily write original songs for the competition! The song plunges in with an immediate Warblers rendition of “Misery,” then segues swiftly into Rachel emotes through “Only Child,” the single kid’s lament. “Damn you, dads!” she howls. Unfortunately for the only Berry on her family tree, Quinn sees her flirting with Finn and vows to never let Rachel stand in the way of her ultimate goal: prom queen. Oh, by the way, when exactly did Quinn get possessed by a demon? “How damaged does a guy have to be to be into someone as annoying as Rachel,” she snarls inside her mean girl brain, before describing herself as “relatively sane for a girl” and fondling what appears to be centuries of prom crowns. Prom queens live an average of five years longer, Quinn notes, probably because most of us lose a few years to vomiting over the statements like that. In an effort to sabotage any romantic inclinations Rachel still has by keeping a close eye on her (sure, why not), Quinn offers to write an original song with her. In turn, all the gleeks decide to write their own tune, and the premise if off and running! More »

‘Glee’ Recap: Vegetarianism For Lions, or It’s Like Hugging But Wetter

'Glee' Recap: Vegetarianism For Lions, or Itâs Like Hugging But Wetter

We hereby call to order The Celibacy Club! Rachel, Quinn and Emma meet in an empty classroom to confirm their commitment to not getting it, or as Ms. Pillsbury would put it, being “terrified of the hose monster.” When her chastity charms start being used as nipple rings, Emma runs into the physical manifestation of boning, i.e. Gwyneth Paltrow’s substitute teacher Holly Holiday, currently filling in for a heath teacher with a terrible case of the herp. Paltrow at her most winsome dismisses Emma’s concerns about helping sexualize children, opting instead to demonstrate condoms on cucs. This proves to be an essential lesson.

Meanwhile More »

Glee Recap: McKinley High’s Walk Of Shame

Glee Recap: McKinley High's Walk Of Shame

There’s trouble afoot at McKinley High, and no, it’s not the fact that Sue Sylvester now tends to fly into a child-throwing rampage any time anything doesn’t go her demonic way. No, according to Principal Figgins, the problem is giggle juice, the wet devil, ol’ lady hooch and the teen drunks Figgins finds staggering down the halls of his very own school. Since glee club is the least socially respected group in school, why not have them perform an anti-drinking song at the Alcohol Awareness rally? Other than the fact that sweet, life-giving booze is the only thing standing in between most people and a life of dull drudgery, of course.

That’s what I got from the episode, anyway. Seriously, every scene except one made my mouth water for a sip of some of the hard stuff. More »