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15 Unusual Fictional Fathers for Father’s Day

15 Unusual Fictional Fathers for Father's Day

Ah, Father’s Day: A Hallmark holiday, but a nice idea nonetheless. True, your dad doesn’t have to be a superhero, a badass, or even your actual dad in order to be worthy of celebration (never underestimate the worth of a dad-like figure!), but let’s face it: It would be pretty cool to have one of these unusual dudes as your father. Here’s to these and all the other dads out there. Happy Father’s Day! More »

J.J. Abrams Presents ‘The Secret World of Alex Mack’

J.J. Abrams Presents 'The Secret World of Alex Mack'

I’m gonna say it: I miss being average. I know, I know, you guys would say, “Sweetie, you’re beautiful, and so smart!!” OK, scratch the smart part—we all know Annie has that covered. But I doubt even my parents could call me beautiful if they saw me melting into silver puddles and shooting lightning out of my fingers. I miss being normal. I mean, things only changed like…seven months ago.

Here’s some advice: Don’t piss off a truck driver. Especially when his name is Rusty Nail and he’s driving a tank filled with chemicals. I didn’t know! It said “Slusho!” on the side, I thought it was some new energy drink.
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