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Arrested Development Yearbook: Meet Maeby FĂĽnke

Arrested Development Yearbook: Meet Maeby Fünke

Season 4 of Arrested Development on Netflix is almost here (May 26th can’t come soon enough), so we’re preparing by taking a peek inside our favorite characters’ television yearbooks, if you will, complete with superlatives, parting quotes, and the messages we wish we could write to them. We’ll be giving you one for each character leading up to the season premiere. Since today is Alia Shawkat’s 24th birthday, we thought it would be appropriate to start with everyone’s favorite studio exec and George Michael’s favorite cousin, Maeby FĂĽnke. More »

Rumor Has It the ‘Arrested Development’ Movie Will Have a Really Meta Plot

Rumor Has It the 'Arrested Development' Movie Will Have a Really Meta Plot

There’s good news on the horizon for Arrested Development fans! According to a source at Screen Rant, Fox and Mitch Hurwitz should be announcing the plot of the movie in the next few weeks. And until the official announcement, there’s also a big rumor (from the same source) that the movie will be incredibly self-referential. Here’s a hint: Who liked the arc where Tobias played George Sr. in a movie about the Bluths? More »

Girl Crushable: Maggie Carey

Girl Crushable: Maggie Carey

Girl crush (n.) – Feelings of admiration for another woman based on her appearance, personality, achievements, etc. Though completely nonsexual, girl crushes often inspire similar feelings to a blossoming romance: giggles, shyness, compliments, and the desire to become this woman’s best friend.

We (happily) devote a lot of energy to admiring the looks and accomplishments of young male actors, musicians, and celebrities. But there are equally talented women who deserve our attention, as well. Now, each week in Girl Crushable, we’ll highlight a woman — famous or not, hell, even fictional characters — who has impressed and inspired us. This week it’s Maggie Carey, a screenwriter whose new project The Hand Job subverts the “teenager trying to lose his virginity” trope by substituting a girl for the sexually-adventurous lead. More »