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Real Housewives Of Miami Doll Recap: But Is It Art?

Real Housewives Of Miami Doll Recap: But Is It Art?

It’s the day after the gala, and as expected the repercussions of What Cristy Did (i.e. sneaking in to Lea’s gala without paying) are all anyone can talk about for five seconds. Apparently Cristy told security she was famous to get in which, girl please. That’d be enough to make us mail off an angry invoice. Cristy meets up with Larsa and her friends, explains that she went in “in good faith,” not to attend another benefit, which apparently means you don’t have to pay money for things. I’m filling my purse with Snickers I took from the deli “in good faith”! Larsa applauds her for still going after getting a flat tire, which I don’t believe for a second actually happened because if something that exciting had occurred, IT WOULD BE IN THE EPISODE. Also, does Cristy not get that it was a benefit for underprivileged kids? Just pay the ticket fee, woman! “I can’t stand 5 more seconds of his conversation,” Cristy sighs before heading off to dance. Methinks we’re going to be saying that a lot about pretty much everything Cristy says. More »

‘Real Housewives Of Miami’ Doll Recap: Rick Ross Rides Again

'Real Housewives Of Miami' Doll Recap: Rick Ross Rides Again

After last week’s episode, the ladies make up for a lackluster pilot by viciously criticizing anything and everything under the sweltering Miami sun. Adriana complains about Larsa and Cristy hating on her for taking the cat walk during last week’s episode. “I did it like a pro,” she proclaims. Her boyfriend Frederic thinks the ladies are just jealous, which Adriana explains that Cristy and Larsa are simply immature high school backstabbers. Frederic is too busy staring at her boobs to actually respond, but you know in his heart he completely agrees. More »