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True Blood Sex Recap: Nice Breasts, Luna

True Blood Sex Recap: Nice Breasts, Luna

Hey, guys, you like nudity? True Blood’s got your nudity right here. Sunday night’s episode “You Smell Like Dinner” didn’t have a whole lot of sex, but there were ample boobs and bare behinds. Plus a whole lot of biting, which in the True Blood universe should probably count as third base.

I mean, we can’t pretend that there’s nothing appealing about Jason Stackhouse tied to a bed—especially when the episode opens with Timbo licking his bloody head. “It’s not that I don’t appreciate the licking,” Jason says, “’cause I do.” Hotshot has really softened the guy up. He’s not exactly thrilled to be a prisoner, but I’d say he’s taking it pretty well. And Crystal is back in the equation, sniffing all up on her sweaty boo. As she explains, they’re going to make a baby—and imagine my delight when Crystal and Felton both started disrobing in front of Jason. More »

Hot Shot: ‘True Blood’ Cast Portraits

Hot Shot: 'True Blood' Cast Portraits

We’ve realized that we’re physically incapable of not posting photos of Alexander Skarsgard. In fact, we get kind of twitchy when we haven’t seen a new one in a while. So thank god for this series of True Blood cast photos. And to tell the truth, we’re liking this well groomed, handsome Alexander. Bonus: Check out one of cutie pie Marshall Allman after the jump. More »