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Shia LaBeouf Isn’t In Rehab After All, But That Doesn’t Mean He’s Not Seeking Help

Shia LaBeouf Isn't In Rehab After All, But That Doesn't Mean He's Not Seeking Help

Yesterday it was reported that Shia LaBeouf had checked himself into a rehab facility in Hollywood, following months of erratic behavior and a recent arrest for disorderly conduct. It turns out Shia’s not in rehab after all. But before you put away your hope and positivity and faith in humanity, you should read the statement Shia’s rep released explaining the situation. More »

Drunkorexia Gets a Humerous Treatment – It’s hard to think that anyone could make the condition of getting so drunk you vomit up all your calories and black out funny, but Open Film’s “The Miracle Beer Diet” managed to do so while being educational. Great job! (College Being)

Wait, We Were Supposed to Leave Work Early Today to Drink?? – We can’t believe we forgot about this very important holiday that was just made up several hours ago. Maybe it’s we were too busy getting sloshed on three-martini lunches like big girls. (via TheAwl)

Don’t Taze Me, Buffy!
Nicholas Brendon (better known as Xander from Buffy) is now talking about his March 17th arrest, where he was tazed by the police after breaking down his neighbors door, looking for his dog. He is currently out of rehab and living in a sober house. Fingers crossed he doesn’t end up on a Dr. Drew show. (via RadarOnline)