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Prom Flick Check List: Disney’s ‘Prom’

Prom Flick Check List: Disney's 'Prom'

We’re almost to the end of prom season — the dresses have been bought, the hair has been styled, the corsages have been placed on waiting wrists. And while you may have already attended your school’s dance or are gearing up for the coming weekend, part of the ritual hasn’t happened: Watching how prom is portrayed in TV and movies.

This year, we’ve got a handful of TV episodes and at least one movie focused on this pivotal high school celebration. So in the tradition of Crushable’s Chick Flick Check List, here’s a Prom Flick Check List — tallying up romantic dramas, the search for the perfect dress, the delight of the unexpected, and choreographed dance scenes. All scores are out of 100. More »