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Captain America’s Dominic Cooper…Revealed!

Captain America's Dominic Cooper...Revealed!

With all the fervor over Captain America‘s studly star Chris Evans, it would be easy to forget anyone else is in the movie at all. But to do so would be a huge mistake, because the supporting cast includes Dominic Cooper, a great actor (and heartthrob) in his own rite. In this, his Hollywood blockbuster debut, Cooper plays Howard Stark, the brilliant inventor who helps turn regular guy Steve Rogers into a patriotic übermensch. (And who, in Iron Man, grows up into John Slattery and fathers the title character.) Here are some things you might not know about him. More »

Has a Movie Ever Ruined an Actor for You?

Has a Movie Ever Ruined an Actor for You?

I have absolutely nothing against Keith David as a person. The talented, prolific actor lent his voice to one of my favorite animated shows — he was Goliath on Gargoyles — graced us in Coraline as The Cat, and was probably fantastic on the otherwise poor superhero series The Cape. But every time I see him in something, I feel a brief shudder.

I blame Requiem for a Dream. Darren Aronofsky‘s bleak film, something of a cautionary tale about drug use, featured David in a small role as Big Tim, a man who puts Jennifer Connelly‘s character in sex shows in exchange for heroin to fuel her habit. Think Connelly getting it on with another girl while men in business suits jeer above them, all with Big Tim as the perverted gatekeeper. More »