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Jemima Kirke Doesn’t Love Acting, Maybe Doesn’t Love Lena Dunham

Jemima Kirke Doesn't Love Acting, Maybe Doesn't Love Lena Dunham

Of all the people on Girls aspiring actresses should feel jealous of, Jemima Kirke is definitely the shining star. Unlike her fellow celebrity offspring Zosia Mamet and Allison Williams, she had never even thought about being actress let alone tried to be one pre-Girls, and the decision to take the role was something she made with all the excitement a normal person might apply towards choosing whether to watch The Real Housewives Of New York or The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills on any given night. More »

This Clip From The Inevitable Defeat Of Mister And Pete Shows Jennifer Hudson Isn’t Afraid Of Serious Roles

This Clip From The Inevitable Defeat Of Mister And Pete Shows Jennifer Hudson Isn't Afraid Of Serious Roles

When Jennifer Hudson won the Oscar for Dreamgirls, many naysayers thought that it wasn’t fair, as her role was more about the singing than the acting. Now, it looks like she’s set to dispel any remaining doubts about her dramatic skills with a heavyweight role in The Inevitable Defeat Of Mister And Pete, a drama co-produced by Alicia Keys which is set to premiere at Sundance. More »

Michael Jackson’s Daughter, Paris, Set To Appear In Film

Michael Jacksonâs Daughter, Paris, Set To Appear In Film

When not breaking records as the first female footballer of her school, 13-year-old Paris Jackson is turning down offers to appear as a spokesperson for lingerie football leagues and — apparently — taking film roles. The middle Jackson child is slated to play the heroine in a fantasy film entitled Lundon’s Bridge And The Three Keys.

The film in based on a young adult series by author Dennis H. Christen. The plot details a particular type of magic that changes a dolphin into a human. Later, a darker spell transforms a young boy into a dragonfly and a “good jellyfish queen” becomes a sinister fairy godmother, according to Daily Mail. Profits from this film will reportedly go towards funding American public school system in some capacity. More »

Lindsay Lohan Takes Kim Kardashian’s Leftovers In ‘The Gottis’

Lindsay Lohan Takes Kim Kardashian's Leftovers In 'The Gottis'

Yesterday, I wrote about how Lindsay Lohan‘s current career choices are limited to only playing real people. Though she lost out on the role of Victoria Gotti in the upcoming movie about the legendary mafia family, she rebounded and took a different role – Kim Gotti – instead. However, Crazy Days and Nights reports that the role is essentially a glorified part for an extra. The role is essentially a cameo with minimal lines, and it’s such a throwaway part that the producers had planned to cast Kim Kardashian just for the stunt value. More »

Star Shrinking: Lindsay Lohan Can Only Play Real People

Star Shrinking: Lindsay Lohan Can Only Play Real People

Poor Lindsay Lohan just can’t seem to catch a break. Though she’s out of rehab and isn’t going to do time for her alleged necklace-stealing, she hasn’t yet landed a film role. Although there have been a ton of casting rumors, nothing has panned out for our erstwhile LiLo. However, there is one interesting connection between all the roles she has been attached to. It seems that the only parts she’s getting offered are playing real people. More »

The 15 Best Instances of Enforced Method Acting

The 15 Best Instances of Enforced Method Acting

Last week, I happened upon a fascinating article at TV Tropes that discusses the Hollywood practice of Enforced Method Acting. As opposed to when actors get really into their roles through Method acting, EMA is when directors/producers manipulate the circumstances of a movie or TV show — without the actors knowing — in order to get a more genuine reaction out of their stars. You could lose an hour reading through the list, but to save you time we’ve counted down the fifteen examples from film and TV that took us by surprise. More »

Exclusive Video: Jeremy Piven Gets Beaten Up In Slow Motion

Exclusive Video: Jeremy Piven Gets Beaten Up In Slow Motion

Yesterday we wondered what the hell Jeremy Piven was doing hanging with a bunch of 5th graders after he tweeted about an upcoming middle school play he was nervous about. Who allowed this? Who lets let Ari Gold near their children? Without any context, this news was funny and absurd. Of course, that was before someone sent us the footage of Jeremy’s performance, which involved a lot of contact dance and karate moves. More »