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Gallery: A Guide to Literary Mashups That Actually Exist

Gallery: A Guide to Literary Mashups That Actually Exist

Fact: Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States, lead a secret life as a mighty hunter of vampires.

Okay, so maybe it isn’t actually fact, but it sure is an entertaining idea. At least, that’s what Seth Grahame-Smith thought, and thus was born the mashup novel Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. What’s a mashup novel? Allow me to enlighten you: Mashup novels take works of classic literature or biographies of important historical figures and, shall we say, improves on them a bit with the addition of vampires, zombies, mummies, werewolves, and the like. Naturally, the genre has caught on like wildfire in the two years since its inception; in fact, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter did so well that it’s currently being adapted into a movie starring Benjamin Walker of Broadway’s Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson. Can’t get enough of these wild and wacky literary mashups? Read on for our guide to the best of the bunch! More »

Benjamin Walker… Revealed!

Benjamin Walker... Revealed!

Benjamin Walker‘s rising to fame by playing U.S. presidents. The star of both the Off-Broadway and Broadway productions of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson was recently cast in the lead role of the flick Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (which we could not be more excited for, OMG). This 28-year-old heart throb’s gonna be a household name before you know it — so get ahead of the curve with these five facts you need to know about Benjamin. More »