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Video: “I Have Sex”

Video: "I Have Sex"

With all the political talk of attacks on Planned Parenthood and anti-abortion policies, college students made this video announcing that they either have sex, have friends who have sex, or plan to have sex. In addition, some of the students announce that they are on birth control and have been tested for STDs. Check out this inspirational video from college students who aren’t ashamed to talk about sex and have taken control of their own sex lives: More »

Sex on the Wire: Kanye West Puts His Foot in His Mouth Once Again

Sex on the Wire: Kanye West Puts His Foot in His Mouth Once Again

News flash: no one “deserves” to get married.” (The Frisky)

Price William and Kate Middleton are both inviting their exes to their wedding. Would you? (The Gloss)

The key to marriage might just be that a wifes BMI must be lower than her husband’s. (YourTango)

An enlightened Kanye West tweets his abortion thoughts, claiming that we “gold-diggin’ bitches be getting pregnant on purpose.” Yes, he’s officially found another way to act like a jackass. (Jezebel) More »

Parting Tweet: Justin Bieber’s Thoughts On Abortion Releases Media Meta-Storm

Parting Tweet: Justin Bieber's Thoughts On Abortion Releases Media Meta-Storm

Here’s a bit of media clusterfuckery for you: Brooke Alvarez is the name of a fictional reporter on the Onion News Network, The Onion‘s new satirical IFC series, and here “she’s” weighing in on the latest controversy du jour. Justin Bieber covers the new issue of Rolling Stone, and in his interview was asked about his views on sex before marriage (only if you’re in love) and abortion (vehemently anti-choice even possibly in cases of rape).The general tone around the Internet today has been one of incredulous disgust that Rolling Stone would ask a 16-year-old to weigh in on a national human rights issue. “Brooke’s” tweet sums up the sentiment shared by many in pitch-perfect Onion style. More »

5 Facts From Markai Durham’s ‘No Easy Decision’ Abortion Special

5 Facts From Markai Durham's 'No Easy Decision' Abortion Special

Last night, MTV ran a show called No Easy Decision, which documented the decision of one 16 And Pregnant star who decided to get an abortion. Markai Durham, one of the stays of MTV’s third season of 16 And Pregnant, got pregnant again, shortly after giving birth to her daughter Zakaria. She decided to get an abortion, and MTV’s cameras were there to capture it.

This is the first time that the MTV show has followed a girl who got an abortion, and it’s sure to be controversial. What are the details that went into what happened here? More »