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In Defense Of The Newsroom

In Defense Of The Newsroom

So The Newsroom had its final episode ever last night, and I’m sure a lot of you are thrilled about that. That’s right! I know a lot of you guys hate that show a whole lot, because the internet told me so every week, and that’s totally understandable! But I have this weird off-brand opinion where it might not have been the worst thing ever, and I’d be totes apreesh if you’d at least hear me out. More »

10 Perks of Living In A World Without Facebook

10 Perks of Living In A World Without Facebook

Today our friends over at Urlesque have decided to eschew the web…in theory, anyway. “A World Without Internet” is their theme of the day, bringing you a flash-sideways universe where the net never existed (despite the fact that yes, we’re reading this on the web). Think about how hard it would be to catch a predator without the convenience of a 40-year-old man posing as a 13-year-old girl. And imagine if YouTube never existed and America’s Funniest Home Videos still reigned supreme. Scary stuff, right?
But it’s not all bad. Don’t pretend you’ve never wistfully imagined a world without Facebook, despite being unable to delete your account for fear of missing all the minutia of your friends lives. Below, we imagine how beautiful that reality would be.
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Was ‘The Social Network’ A Movie About Mark Zuckerberg…Or Aaron Sorkin?

Was 'The Social Network' A Movie About Mark Zuckerberg...Or Aaron Sorkin?

I attended the New Yorker Festival’s screening of The Social Network this weekend, which was one of the most hotly-anticipated events of the program. Not just because the movie was earning rave reviews, but because afterward, the audience got to sit in on a 20 minute panel with writer Aaron Sorkin, Justin Timerlake, and Jesse Eisenberg.

Now, this event wasn’t sold out because Aaron Sorkin attached his name to the project, it was sold out because Justin Timberlake (wearing his adorable dorky hat and glasses) was going to be there. Try telling that to Sorkin, who, after the movie was over, strolled onto the stage and tried to “fist-bump” JT. He missed. More »

Gallery: The Social Network’s Asian Fetish

Gallery: The Social Network's Asian Fetish

The world’s youngest billionaire is also one of the only young CEOs around to maintain a longstanding relationship with a smart girl he’s known since college. Mark Zuckerberg has been dating Priscilla Chan since they met at Harvard. But you wouldn’t know it from watching The Social Network. Priscilla doesn’t even get a mention. Instead, Aaron Sorkin filled his Facebook movie with lots of hot, crazy Asian chics. More »

Weird Celebrity Crush: Bradley Whitford

Weird Celebrity Crush: Bradley Whitford

When I was about ten years old, my mother sat me down and gave me two pieces of relationship advice: 1. Always use a condom; 2. Never date an actor. I was brash and failed to take her word on the thespian thing (I don’t think this is the proper forum to comment on that first one), and a lot of drama and heartbreak came my way. What can I say? I like the right-brained types. But not the salad-ordering and mirror-staring and hair-gel time that goes along with so many people who perform for a living.

This is why I have a crush on Bradley Whitford. The Good Guys actor seems like the perfect antidote to pretty boy screen stars – not quite a troublemaker, but yet someone still interesting enough to get through dinner at a (non-salad-exclusive) restaurant. Specifically, I fell in love with Bradley Whitford’s West Wing character, Josh Lyman. Josh was the cranky Deputy Chief of Staff with a heart of platinum who bustled around the Oval Office with a know-it-all attitude. Plus, he totally on-screen dated Mary-Louise Parker – and MLP’s my #1 weird celebrity girl-crush. More »

Enough with ‘Social Network’ Parodies: Here’s the Best 5

Enough with 'Social Network' Parodies: Here's the Best 5

Look, we get it. “Twenty two hundred?” “No, twenty two thousand!” is totally the new “You can’t handle the truth!” Aaron Sorkin loads up so much of his signature dramatic dialogue in the preview for the movie about Facebook, The Social Network (a film that literally has some of the lowest stakes ever to be taken seriously), that there were bound to be a billion parodies before the movie even hit the big screen. Youtube, MySpace, and Twitter have all been targets for different Network spoofs, but the latest concept from Urlesque is to just change the music behind famous memes to the music from the trailer (Radiohead’s “Creep” in a capella).

But can we just call it quits now? We already went overboard with Inception this summer, lets not ruin The Social Network before it has a chance to ruin itself. That said, here are the five best parodies of the trailer.

But can we just call it quits now? We already went overboard with Inception this summer, lets not ruin The Social Network before it has a chance to ruin itself. That said, here are the five best parodies of the trailer. More »