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Trending Topic: The Best Huckleberry Finn Outrage On Twitter!

Trending Topic: The Best Huckleberry Finn Outrage On Twitter!

So the second biggest piece of news in the book world today – right behind Snooki‘s novelwas the news that copies of Huckleberry Finn will now be censored for the n-word. Instead, kids can now read Mark Twain‘s book about a young boy taking a ride down the Mississippi with Slave Jim.

Of course, the populace of Twitter weren’t going to take this lying down. Time for a trending topic! More »

Suggested Chapter Titles For Snooki’s Novel

Suggested Chapter Titles For Snooki's Novel

What’s that incessant wailing? Why, it’s the sound of a million creative writing majors weeping. That’s right, while the rest of us have resigned ourselves to rolling calls at Random House, Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi has landed herself a book deal. The novel, tentatively called A Shore Thing, will tell the story of a young guidette looking for love on the boardwalk.

This is certainly surprising news coming from the woman who tweeted she was reading the very first book of her life earlier this year (do they not have lit classes in Marlboro?), Nicholas Sparks’ Dear John. Next up, Tolstoy! We thought we’d help Snook out by offering some chapter titles for the JS star’s debut: More »