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Confession: I’m a 30-Something Man Addicted to Teen Dramas

Confession: I'm a 30-Something Man Addicted to Teen Dramas

I’m a man who deeply values his dignity. I cling to it, actually. I won’t dance, I don’t sing in public, and I refuse to drink through straws. It’s a cloak I wear; one that I imagine protects me from the crippling judgment of my community. In reality, dignity is just another word for conformity; it’s a way for society to determine what is, and what isn’t acceptable behavior. For a man my age (let’s just say early thirties and leave it at that), dignified pursuits include resume building, home-ownership, procreation, and participating in fantasy sports leagues. Unfortunately I do none of these things. In fact, one of my most cherished pursuits would be considered decidedly undignified by society at large. I am a man (in his early thirties as previously stated) who’s addicted to teen dramas. More »

Conspiracy Theory: Ryan Rottman Is Trevor Donovan’s Replacement on 90210, Not His Love Interest

Conspiracy Theory: Ryan Rottman Is Trevor Donovan's Replacement on 90210, Not His Love Interest

Or to clarify, not just his love interest. EW just announced that Ryan Rottman, from TeenNick’s “celebrity offspring” drama Gigantic, is heading to West Bev this fall. He’ll play Shane, a twentysomething guy “who is confident in his identity” and whose big conflict will be pushing for marriage equality.

People are assuming that he’ll be Teddy’s new fling and will inspire the younger guy (who came out last season) to stand up for gay rights. But I think that Ryan’s character serves another purpose: Helping Trevor Donovan to transition off the show. More »

AnnaLynne McCord Is a Good Sport with 90210′s Bikini Jousting and ‘Avatar’ Costuming Stunts

AnnaLynne McCord Is a Good Sport with 90210's Bikini Jousting and 'Avatar' Costuming Stunts

Despite playing West Bev’s queen bee, AnnaLynne McCord has been slapped with some of the show’s sillier stunt plotlines. Last season, she got a head-to-toe transformation into a Na’vi from Avatar in order to attract geeky Max (Josh Zuckerman). And judging from these new set pics, Naomi is setting herself up for more ridicule in a time-honored sorority tradition: Bikini jousting, and a good sliming on top of that. More »

Trevor Donovan Downgrades from ’90210′ to Playing a Ken Doll

Trevor Donovan Downgrades from '90210' to Playing a Ken Doll

It still doesn’t make sense that Trevor Donovan is leaving 90210 after he had the show’s most compelling plotline last year: Tennis pro and playboy Teddy came out of the closet in storylines that were shocking and realistically awkward. So far, the only thing Donovan has said about his post-90210 career is that he’s looking forward to “opportunities and adventures.” But if the rumors are true that he’s in the running to play Barbie’s beau Ken in a live-action movie, then quitting the show for movie roles like this seems like a poor career choice. More »

Trevor Donovan Not Returning to ’90210′ — How Will They Write Teddy Off?

Trevor Donovan Not Returning to '90210' -- How Will They Write Teddy Off?

Despite being at the center of 90210‘s high-profile gay plotline this past season, Trevor Donovan (who plays tennis star Teddy Montgomery) will not be returning as a regular for season 4. However, that doesn’t mean that he’s entirely left the West Bev world: An insider assures fans that Donovan will appear in about five episodes this fall, likely to try and give Teddy a proper sendoff. More »

’90210′ By the Numbers: It’s a Nice Day for an Indian Wedding

'90210' By the Numbers: It's a Nice Day for an Indian Wedding

So there was a graduation on 90210 last night, maybe? We forgot, since the bulk of the episode was devoted to Ivy and Raj’s quickie nuptials — though once Naomi got wind of the wedding, she made sure that even if it happened in a day, it would still have an elephant and a gratuitous dance scene. 90210 did not scrimp for its season finale.

For every decision about the summer and college, there was someone unhappy with it, but damned if these West Bev kids aren’t going to get what they want! The best was when everyone kept throwing around, “Well I’m an adult, so I can get married/buy an apartment/spend the summer on a boat if I want to.” Ah, to be 18 again. More »

Gallery: 8 Great TV Graduations

Gallery: 8 Great TV Graduations

There are ways to make what seems like the decades long graduation ceremony a little more bearable. You can decorate your mortarboard, hide silly string up your gown sleeve, or make up elaborate chants for when your friends accept their diplomas. Then there are the less conventional ways to make commencement memorable: marriage proposals, meteors, a fight to the death. I suggest going with silly string. However, these TV shows – from Buffy to 90210 – each had their own special way of dealing with high school’s crowning moment. More »

Prom Flick Check List: ’90210′

Prom Flick Check List: '90210'

This week’s 90210 recap is a little different, in honor of it being the West Bev prom! “The Prom Before the Storm” had college woes, lies and paranoia, and more than one kid facing their mortality — let’s see how all that ranks against the stereotypes of prom episodes and movies of the past. In the tradition of Crushable’s Chick Flick Check List, here’s a Prom Flick Check List — tallying up romantic dramas, the search for the perfect dress, the delight of the unexpected, and choreographed dance scenes. All scores are out of 100.

90210‘s Prom List Rating: 57 More »

Interview: ’90210′ Star Freddie Smith on Marco/Teddy and Twitter Spoilers

Interview: '90210' Star Freddie Smith on Marco/Teddy and Twitter Spoilers

Ohio native Freddie Smith turned to acting when he broke his hand in high school. A lifelong basketball and baseball player, he swiftly changed tacks by getting a job at McDonald’s and working for a year so that he’d be able to save up enough to move to Los Angeles. That, coupled with the fact that he drove cross-country to his new home, makes it no surprise that Smith found his big break on 90210 by playing Marco, the sweet, genuine new boyfriend to recently-outed Teddy (Trevor Donovan). More »

Prom King and Queen Is a Non-Issue for ’90210′

Prom King and Queen Is a Non-Issue for '90210'

When Glee extra Nicole Crowther spoiled the identity of the prom king and queen on Twitter a few weeks ago, producer Brad Falchuk (and, we might imagine, Fox) was livid. In contrast, The CW was happy to reveal ahead of time who made prom king and queen for next week’s episode of 90210.

In the above promo pic, Naomi (Anna-Lynn McCord), sporting a sparkly tiara, places an equally regal crown on Teddy’s (Trevor Donovan)’s head. I think it’s safe to assume what’s going on here. More »

’90210′ By the Numbers: Catch Me, I’m Falling

'90210' By the Numbers: Catch Me, I'm Falling

Naomi and Max have gone public with their star-crossed romance, but their future is in jeopardy since they’re months away from college, and the acceptance letters start rolling in. Naomi finally gets into CU, what she’s been working toward since last season, but Max’s dream school is MIT, across the country. Navid and Dixon team up to get Silver help for what is obviously a manic-depressive episode, despite her enraged protests otherwise; Annie convinces Marla to attend a screening of one of her movies from the ’60s; and Jen returns to be in Jack’s life. Here’s your “Women on the Verge” tally! More »