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5 Facts About The Three Stooges‘ Chris Diamantopoulous

5 Facts About The Three Stooges' Chris Diamantopoulous

So a new, full-length version The Three Stooges is coming out this week, and an actor named Chris Diamond Acropolis is playing Moe Howard, i.e. “the hot one.” Just kidding, his name is Chris Diamantopoulous, but it’s fun to make fun of people with long names if you are immature. Who is this delightful piece of man flesh and how did he come to be in such a goofy movie? I’m so glad you asked. More »

5 Facts About New SNL Cast Member Kate McKinnon (Who I Kind Of Know!)

5 Facts About New SNL Cast Member Kate McKinnon (Who I Kind Of Know!)

Last night, I saw a post in my Facebook feed that was blowing up with “likes” and “ouhfsghojeq!”s. The post was about the hilarious comedienne Kate McKinnon‘s appointment as Saturday Night Live‘s newest cast member. Apparently, I have some friends in common with her, so basically, in internet terms, we are total BFFs who braid each other’s hair on the regs. Here are five facts about her from someone who kind of, sort of, almost knows her. More »

Some Things You Should Know About Lana Del Rey Before She Plays SNL

Some Things You Should Know About Lana Del Rey Before She Plays SNL

So there’s this singer-songwriter called Lana Del Rey. If you don’t know who she is yet, you’re surely about to, as she’s slated to appear on Live With David Letterman, Ellen, and (this coming weekend) Saturday Night Live with host Daniel Radcliffe. Who is this pouty lite radio chanteuse and from whence did she spring? Here are some things you should know about her. More »

5 Facts About Bethany Hamilton

5 Facts About Bethany Hamilton

Pro surfer Bethany Hamilton is incredibly inspiring: After losing her arm to a shark when she was only 13, not only did she have to relearn every aspect of surfing, but the only way to regain that passion was to get back into the water that had cost her her arm. Soul Surfer (out today) retells the story, with AnnaSophia Robb playing Hamilton, but we learned some fascinating facts about this survivor. More »

5 Facts About ‘Priest’ Star Cam Gigandet

5 Facts About 'Priest' Star Cam Gigandet

During last night’s Superbowl, the first ads appeared for the new vampire vs. Catholics film, Priest. Ironically the film’s titular character is played by Cam Gigandet, an actor best known for his role as the evil James from the first Twilight film. Here are 5 more fun facts about Cam that may convince you to see yet another bloodsucker flick. More »

5 Facts About ‘Like Crazy’ Star Anton Yelchin

5 Facts About 'Like Crazy' Star Anton Yelchin

With the Sundance Film Festival well underway, tons of indie flicks are getting premiere screenings in the hopes of being picked up by a major distributor. That’s not bothering the people behind the improvised teen drama Like Crazy, as the movie – about a young couple who fall in love in college before the real world drives them apart – was picked up by Paramount at the beginning of the festival to the tune of $4 million.

We’re guessing that a large chunk of that change rested on the amazingly hot shoulders of its young male lead, Charlie Bartlett star Anton Yelchin, who is also gearing up to star in the remake of the 80s horror film Fright Night. Here’s 5 fun facts to know about the 21-year-old Russian before he blows up. More »