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A Year In Lady Gaga’s Insanity

A Year In Lady Gaga's Insanity

2010 was quite a year for Lady Gaga. The singer basically took over the world these past 12 months — what with her “Telephone” video and VMA meat dress. Never one to avoid controversy, Gaga did her part to held repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and made Time‘s “100 Most Influential” list. No wonder she collapsed backstage from time to time! More »

Video: The ‘Who Knew 2010 Had So Awesome Films?’ Mashup

Video: The 'Who Knew 2010 Had So Awesome Films?' Mashup

2010 had some pretty great films: Inception, The Social Network, Black Swan, one of those Harry Potter things, probably a Twilight movie in there. But there were also a ton of clunkers (anything with The Rock, Angelina Jolie, or Johnny Depp pretty much sucked this year). What’s amazing is that someone managed to take all the movies, good and bad, and turn it into this amazing 6 minute montage of awesomeness. More »