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‘Teen Mom 2′ Dad Corey Simms Reportedly Hooked Up with ’16 and Pregnant’ Mom Nikkole Paulun

'Teen Mom 2' Dad Corey Simms Reportedly Hooked Up with '16 and Pregnant' Mom Nikkole Paulun

Well, it looks like the Teen Mom franchise is about to get as incestuous as the Real World one. The Teen Mom Talk website is reporting that Corey Simms, the aw-shucks camo-loving guy who married Leah Messer in the season finale of Teen Mom 2, has hooked up with another MTV star. Corey, who has twin daughters with estranged wife Leah, supposedly flirted with Nikkole Paulun (pictured), a cast member from the second season of 16 and Pregnant, via Facebook and arranged some travel so that they could “spend time together.” More »

Video: ’16 and Well-Adjusted’ Is the New ’16 and Pregnant’

Video: '16 and Well-Adjusted' Is the New '16 and Pregnant'

For those of you who managed to graduate from high school without a baby in tow and feel like you’re missing out on the reality TV money that Amber Portwood is bringing in for having made bad life decisions, you can now feel better about yourself. 16 and Pregnant has a new spinoff, 16 and Well-Adjusted, which is about girls who turn 16, don’t get pregnant, don’t punch their boyfriends on national television, and go to class once in a freaking while. More »

’16 and Pregnant’ Couple Danielle Cunningham and Jamie Alderman Are Broken Up

'16 and Pregnant' Couple Danielle Cunningham and Jamie Alderman Are Broken Up

After Danielle Cunningham‘s episode of 16 and Pregnant, I had my doubts about whether she and baby daddy Jamie Alderman would be able to make it work. Jamie’s Facebook page hints pretty strongly that the combative couple have called it off. Earlier this month, he posted a cryptic “actions speak louder than words, and that’s clear/ so i hope my actions speak loud enough for you to hear.” More »

’16 and Pregnant’ Star Aubrey Akeril Says It’s Not Drugs, It’s a Tumor

'16 and Pregnant' Star Aubrey Akeril Says It's Not Drugs, It's a Tumor

After she appeared emaciated and glassy-eyed on the 16 and Pregnant season 2.5 reunion special, many people – myself included – suspected that Aubrey Akeril (now getting a divorce from husband Brandon Akeril and going back to her maiden name, Wolters) had a drug problem. The fact that she was shown partying and that she’d previously been arrested for illegally possessing painkillers only led credence to that theory. However, Aubrey’s mom tells E! that there’s another factor at play. Shelly Wolters says that Aubrey has a fist-sized tumor in her throat that makes it difficult for her to eat. More »

’16 and Pregnant’ Star Aubrey Akeril Has An Arrest Record

'16 and Pregnant' Star Aubrey Akeril Has An Arrest Record

When she appeared on the 16 and Pregnant reunion a few weeks ago, I was one of many people who speculated that Aubrey Akeril (pictured, with son Austin) was using drugs.

In her segment, Aubrey talked about her marriage falling apart, sounded like she had no idea where she was, had glassy eyes, and made references to “partying.” Well, it turns out that my guess wasn’t too far off base – Radar reports that Aubrey was arrested last year for shoplifting $30 worth of cosmetics from Wal-Mart. More »

’16 and Pregnant’ Alum Aubrey Akeril Responds to the Haters

'16 and Pregnant' Alum Aubrey Akeril Responds to the Haters

After last week’s 16 and Pregnant season 2.5 reunion special, it was clear that Aubrey Akeril was the trainwreck of the group. She and husband Brandon Akeril (who are now divorced) were shown fighting over Aubrey’s partying, and Aubrey was shown getting drunk, dancing on tables, and making out with a chick. However, like every single reality show participant in the history of time, Aubrey is blaming a) editing and b) the haterz. More »

5 Facts About ’16 and Pregnant’ Star Allison (Allie) Mendoza

5 Facts About '16 and Pregnant' Star Allison (Allie) Mendoza

Allie, unlike some of the girls on this show, is actually 16. She lives in Pasadena, Texas, but she hates it. She grew up in New Jersey but had to move to Texas with her dad because her mom couldn’t afford to keep Allie. (This is what we in the business refer to as “foreshadowing.”) She has a boyfriend named Joey who is a sophomore and on the football team, but things are about to get real because – come on, you’ll never guess! – she’s pregnant. More »