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Relationship Ninja: Why Won’t the Guy I Dumped Be Friends With Me?

Relationship Ninja: Why Won't the Guy I Dumped Be Friends With Me?

Q. I just broke up with my boyfriend, but that’s not my problem. It was actually pretty amicable and mutual as these things go, and I think he’s a great person, even though we’re not a good match romantically. The problem is, we agreed that we’d stay friends after things ended, and he made a big deal about wanting me in his life… but we haven’t talked since the breakup. He’s not calling or emailing or anything, and if I text him, it takes hours to get a response and he doesn’t answer more than a couple times. I don’t get it. He says he wants to be friends and still hang out, he even said he wants us to still go to this concert together next month (even though I offered to pay him back for my ticket.) But if he meant that, wouldn’t he be making an effort to stay in touch? What gives? I’m so confused!

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Relationship Ninja: Going The Distance

Relationship Ninja: Going The Distance

Q: How can I get my boyfriend to pull his weight in our long-distance relationship? We decided to do the long-distance thing after dating for most of senior year of college — I got a job in the city and moved out on my own, he’s back living with his parents while he applies to grad school. He says he loves me and wants to be with me, but the problem is, getting him to come visit me is like pulling teeth. More »

Crushable Confessional: I Got Pixied

Crushable Confessional: I Got Pixied

It started with Breathless – the camera lingering lustily on the slender curve of Jean Seberg‘s neck below her close-cropped hair. Then Rosemary’s Baby, where all the devil infants and demonic sex in the world couldn’t take away from how freakin’ awesome Mia Farrow looked as she announced, “I’ve been to Vidal Sassoon!”

And then there was Emma Watson, who made headlines here and elsewhere this summer when she left behind her ten-year commitment to Harry-Pottering and her trademark long locks in one fell swoop.

Everywhere I looked, there it was.

The pixie cut.
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Relationship Ninja: My Boyfriend Hates My Friends – What Do I Do?

Relationship Ninja: My Boyfriend Hates My Friends - What Do I Do?

Q. I have a problem: my boyfriend doesn’t seem to get along with my friends. It wasn’t a big deal when we first started dating, because I’d only ever hang out with one or the other, but we’ve been together a few months now and it’s getting harder to never have them mix. I want to bring him to parties and stuff, but things get really awkward when I do, because he doesn’t talk to anyone. The last time he came out with me I kept trying to introduce him around and include him in conversations, but anytime I wasn’t babysitting him he just stopped talking to anyone, went to a corner and started texting. More »

Relationship Ninja: My Friend Has Heinous Taste In Men – Should I Tell Say Something?

Relationship Ninja: My Friend Has Heinous Taste In Men - Should I Tell Say Something?

Q. What does one do about friends who consistently date the wrong men? You know the ones.
They’re so afraid of being alone that they’ll take whatever guy comes their way and then stick with them through thick and thin, no matter what awful, disrespectful things he does to them. And even though they knew in the first place that it wasn’t going to work, they got attached to the idea of being with this person and now can’t let it go or stop talking about their relationship problems incessantly to their friends, especially after a breakup?
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