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The 10 Teenybopper Stars You’ll Need To Know By Next Year

The 10 Teenybopper Stars You'll Need To Know By Next Year

Which teen stars are gong to be the hot, new thing next year? Well we performed a bunch of really difficult science experiments to find out which teens are going to be household names by this time in 2013. The tweens/teens are loving these stars now which means it’s only a matter of time before you love them too (and if not love them, you’ll at least know of their existence). More »

What’s The Right Way To Be Young And Famous?

What's The Right Way To Be Young And Famous?

We receive so many conflicting examples of what young women should be like at the ages when we are the most impressionable. Should we be the super cutesy girl in floral dresses or should we be the sexy girl in leather? Should we value baking cookies and kittens or tattoos and gluten -free diets? I feel like I’m never really happy with where I am in life because I always want to be more or be something else. More »

Everyone Cries On The Glee Project

Everyone Cries On The Glee Project

It’s time to get vulnerable, cast of The Glee Project. So obviously the show will bring on the most vulnerable and pained member of Glee: Cory Monteith. The football player with no problems ever. When 18-year-old Michael hears what the theme is going to be this week, he gets pretty scared because he realizes he has zero life experience. More »

The Glee Project Cast Can’t Dance

The Glee Project Cast Can't Dance

This week on The Glee Project we’re learning how to dance! Dance-ability (which isn’t even a word), is the theme for the week and the super special Glee guest mentor is Samuel Larsen, one of the winners of season one. He comes out with a guitar and no shoes, looking like he’s fresh from Bonnaroo, to teach these newbies about dance. More »

The Glee Project: Who’s The Biggest Individual?

The Glee Project: Who's The Biggest Individual?

For those of you who don’t know, there is a show on Oxygen called The Glee Project. The show aims to find a kid who will get their own story line on Glee. The show’s choreographer and vocal coach help the kids get better and Glee creator Ryan Murphy picks who goes home, and who wins. Also every week there is a mentor who is a Glee cast member and a theme. This week’s theme: Individuality. This weeks mentor: The ever horrible and divalicious Lea Michele.
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