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Katie Cassidy Kisses Chace Crawford On ‘Gossip Girl’ Set

Katie Cassidy Kisses Chace Crawford On 'Gossip Girl' Set

Spotted: A hot new Gossip Girl hookup! Katie Cassidy - easily the best thing about CW’s meh Melrose Place update – was caught making out with Chace Crawford (aka Nate Archibald) on the set of the equally campy, far superior CW series. Katie is currently filming a multi-episode arc as a Columbia student and love interest for Nate, who’s fresh off a breakup from Serena Van der Woodsen. More »

Crush Links: Will Chris Lambton Accept The ‘Bachelor’ Producers’ Rose?

Crush Links: Will Chris Lambton Accept The 'Bachelor' Producers' Rose?

Time will tell. Chris Lambton, the runner-up this past season on The Bachelorette, is being wooed by producers to accept their offer to become – cue the dramatic music – The Next Bachelor. The show is banking on Chris, but he wants to “break the rules.” (Us Weekly)

Glee’s Dianna Agron is acting really giddy and girlfriend-y around her I Am Number Four co-star Alex Pettyfer. The other day, they coordinated T-shirts: hers said “What Part of Peace Don’t You Understand?” and his said, “Peace, Love, and Rock and Roll.” (People)

Meanwhile, things are not going so well for estranged hottie Glee couple Naya Rivera and Mark Salling. Not only did she key his Lexus in a jealous rage, she threw herself a dance party while doing it. (Radar)

Amid the rumors John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston are “back on,” John would like us to know that he is “completely single.” (MTV)

Blind item: An actress has solicited her husband’s archnemesis to write jokes for her during an uncoming media presentation. Her one condition: Be as vicious as possible. (Dlisted)

Some Playmate claims she made a sex tape with Heidi and Spencer stole it. We’re covering our ears lalalalalalalalala. (Radar)

Instead of skinny models, Jessica Simpson will “send her best friends — real women in real sizes — down the aisle” to model her new clothing line. (Popeater)

Lindsay Lohan‘s first post-jail-and-rehab tweet! (Lindsay’s Twitter) More »

Fame Wore: Kim Kardashian Is The Most Beautiful Celebrity On The Planet

Fame Wore: Kim Kardashian Is The Most Beautiful Celebrity On The Planet

Kim Kardashian has edged out Angelina and Penelope Cruz (in Volver) in our mental list of who is the most beautiful celebrity woman in the world. She is ridiculous. Reggie Bush is kicking himself right now. Kimmy K was on hand to celebrate the latest issue of LA Confidential, and, per usual, she looked va-va-voom. Today’s Fame Wore gallery features Kim’s sister Kourtney and a rando shot of Taylor Momsen in hooker platforms (this time, there were no dollar bills visible in the heel). More »

Naya Rivera Keyed Mark Salling’s Car In Jealous Rage

Naya Rivera Keyed Mark Salling's Car In Jealous Rage

Mark Salling is in the doghouse. His equally hot Glee girlfriend Naya Rivera caught wind of him dating other girls, then keyed and egged his Lexus. Man, that’s harsh … but awesome. This is THE celebrity story of the week, if not the entire month of August. Ryan Murphy should seriously write this into the next episode. (Us Weekly)

It’s Splitsville for Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth. (People)

Macauley Culkin turns THIRTY today. Mentally, he’s 55, given how fast he had to grow up as a child actor in the harsh glow of the spotlight. (Dlisted)

Sometimes we think Natalie Portman is lacking in the style department – but these cargo shorts are super-cute. The shoes can go. (Popsugar)

Kellie Pickler would rather drink beer than eat. (Celebitchy)

Fresh out of rehab, Lindsay went to go get her driver’s license. (Popeater)

Jessica Simpson is the new Marilyn Monroe. (Radar)

Are John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston back together (again)? Quitting someone cold turkey is hard. (Allie Is Wired) More »

Justin Long’s Family Is Not Used To This Nonsense

Justin Long's Family Is Not Used To This Nonsense

So Justin Long took his family to the Grove shopping center in Los Angeles; that looks to be Justin’s bro and the bro’s gf. They seem like normal non-Hollywood folk who are weirded out by trailing paparazzos. No worries! The photogs will give Justin some peace and go stalk another celebrity once the actor stops maybe-dating Drew Barrymore and inappropriately texting tweens named Geraldine. More »

Is The Cocaine Use in ‘The Social Network’ An Artistic Embellishment?

Is The Cocaine Use in 'The Social Network' An Artistic Embellishment?

Justin Timberlake plays ex-Facebook prez Sean Parker in The Social Network; the hotly anticipated movie, out in November, shows JT-as-Sean partying with cocaine and underage girls. Now Sean – a notorious party boy who’s been arrested for possession – is on the defense, tagging his arrest and behavior as “a misunderstanding.” Source tell a different story. Guest of a Guest’s Chiara Atik has all the good scoop right HERE. More »

Sex On the Wire: ‘Stop Staining My Pillow Sheets With Your Drool’

Sex On the Wire: 'Stop Staining My Pillow Sheets With Your Drool'

Brandy Alexander gives 10 reasons for why co-habitating sucks. Reason No. 2: “Sharing Is Caring.” (TheGloss)

When you catch your significant other browsing Casual Encounters on Craigslist, don’t pretend it never happened. (The Frisky)

How to get over a long-term relationship. (College Candy)

Here are 7 more reasons NOT to date a bro. Not that you need a listicle to be convinced. (College Candy)

Male metal chastity belts: Only $15.52 per unit! (Gizmodo, via Jezebel) More »