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Why We’re Using Google As A Spell Check

Why We're Using Google As A Spell Check

The other week, Editor Liana tweeted out “A better name for “Google” is “Spellcheck.” Which is certainly true, although “spell check” is two words (waah waah). But in the land of power-blogging and no copy editors, pressing that little check mark next to the ABC on your site doesn’t always catch every mistake. Proper nouns, for instance. Or words that both you and your computer have no idea how to spell, like “schadenfreude” (which I use at least once a week).Or even if you’re using the wrong spelling of “too.” More »

Gallery: Leonardo DiCaprio’s ‘Acting’ Comprised Entirely Of Old-Timey Clothes

Gallery: Leonardo DiCaprio's 'Acting' Comprised Entirely Of Old-Timey Clothes

This picture above is actor/former cute guy Leonardo DiCaprio dressed like J. Edgar Hoover from the upcoming biopic J. Edgar. What, you couldn’t tell how amazingly well he embodies the former head of FBI? He’s totally method right now! Look at that vest! And that starched shirt! Why, if I didn’t know any better, I would think that the controversial government figure had been reincarnated right in front of me. Well, either him or Howard Hughes, who Leo portrayed by dressing in a very similar outfit and doing his hair in completely the same way (until Hughes went crazy and grew dreads, that is). More »

Gleek Of The Week: Love Songs For Lauren Zizes

Gleek Of The Week: Love Songs For Lauren Zizes

Glee is one of those hard shows to watch, because you never know how seriously you are supposed to take it. On the one hand, the show deals with real issues like homophobia and small-mindedness. On the other hand, it’s still essentially a musical, meaning that characters will often break from reality and start singing. Which would be fine, if these same characters didn’t so often break from themselves…or at least what we supposedly know about them. More »

Crushable Quotable: Jesse Eisenberg’s Ween Obsession Is Kind Of Creepy

Crushable Quotable: Jesse Eisenberg's Ween Obsession Is Kind Of Creepy

Ween is one of those bands I love because they can sound like so many different bands. They can be melodic, hardcore, alternative, jam-bandy, and sometimes even sounding like The Beatles.

But my first introduction to the band was the same song that got The Social Network star Jesse Eisenberg obsessed with the 90s alt-rock group, and it’s honestly the most terrifying single of all time, “Spinal Meningitis:” More »

Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark Wants You To Know What A Dick You’re Being – After being called a variety of bad names for trying to kill its actors, Broadway’s doomed production of Spider-Man tried to save face by calling it’s critics “UNCOOL!” That should do the trick, right? (Vulture)