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Exactly How NC-17 Are Blue Valentine’s Sex Scenes?

Exactly How NC-17 Are Blue Valentine's Sex Scenes?

We have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Blue Valentine in theaters. Because – let’s be honest – the world is long overdue for some new Ryan Gosling sex scenes. You can only watch The Notebook so many times, and The Gos doin’ it with Michelle Williams is our idea of indie-sex heaven. So it was with obvious excitement that we plopped down in a midtown screening room, eager to get our NC-17 sex on. And enjoy some superb acting! But mostly, SEX.

There’s been some ferocious debate over why the MPAA awarded the film an NC-17 rating, and we are ready to report back to you exactly how much of Ryan Gosling naked there is in this puppy. Servicy! More »