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How Young Women Hide Their Pregnancies

How Young Women Hide Their Pregnancies

I was sickeningly shocked when I heard about Michele Kalina, the Pennsylvania woman who killed four of her newborn babies after getting pregnant as a result of a series of extramarital affairs.

But the question on everyone’s lips seems to be: How did she manage to hide all of those pregnancies?! Even from the people closest to her? Wouldn’t her husband — or her daughter — notice as her stomach grew and grew? How in the world, they keep asking, does a woman hide a pregnancy? More »

Study: Everyone Thinks They’re Hot

Study: Everyone Thinks They're Hot

Look at you, sitting there, kissing your biceps. No, no, it’s OK. Don’t be embarrassed. It turns out that most Americans think they’re pretty hot stuff.

In an online survey of more than 26,000 people conducted by UCLA researchers, most people would rate themselves a 6 or 7 on a scale of one to 10. (We always thought of a six as being on the low side, but they’re calling it an above-average self-assessment. Does this thing work on a curve?) More »