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Concert Report: Kreayshawn’s NYC Debut

Concert Report: Kreayshawn's NYC Debut

Yesterday I was blessed with a windfall invitation to go see Kreayshawn‘s NYC debut from my friend John, who’d won a contest. For those not in the know, Kreayshawn is the stylishly bratty young video director/M.C. who rode the insane viral success of her catchy “Gucci Gucci” to a $1 million record deal with Sony. I never miss a chance to confront a meme in person, so to tony LES cabaret spot The Box we went. More »

An Interview With Miss Pussycat: Technicolor Puppet Master Extraordinaire

An Interview With Miss Pussycat: Technicolor Puppet Master Extraordinaire

A blond lady with blue eyeshadow and a cupcake hat may not be the first image that comes to mind when you hear the phrase “puppet show,” but once you’ve experienced Miss Pussycat‘s trippy fantasy world in person, you’ll never look at puppets the same way again. Born and raised in Antlers, Oklahoma, Miss Pussycat (a.k.a. Panacea Theriac) first got into puppetry as part of the Christian Puppet Youth Ministry at her church, but began creating to the beat of a different drummer after being drawn in by the siren song of New Orleans. Together with her musician husband Quintron, she’s been putting on “swamp tech” multimedia spectacles for underground audiences since the mid-nineties, and has recently graduated to more high profile venues like the New Orleans Museum of Art and

On the final day of the cruise, Miss P threw a breakfast that included a live action performance of a story that’s hard to summarize but involves a famous supermodel/archaeologist named Jackie Joe Johnson falling into the ocean, turning into a sea monster, feeling sad, defeating the Coast Guard in hand-to-hand combat, and eventually falling in love with one of her fellow sea monsters. (Favorite line: “I’m not a monster! I’m a supermodel and an archaeologist! Save me!”) I sat down with her after the show to chat a bit about her adopted home city, puppets, and the various parallel worlds she inhabits. More »

How To: Survive A Rock & Roll Themed Booze Cruise

How To: Survive A Rock & Roll Themed Booze Cruise

Last weekend, I was lucky enough to board the Bruise Cruise Festival, which was a non-stop fun tornado that brought together nine rock bands and 400 eager young vacationers on a giant Bahamas-bound cruise ship in what one straitlaced observer dubbed a “bikini hipster convention.”

The weekend culminated in a wonderfully incongruous performance by garage rock heroes The Black Lips at smelly spring break chain bar Señor Frog’s (as seen on Girls Gone Wild). But it wasn’t all strawberry daiquiris in take-home souvenir cups and creative towel animals. Some revelers fell victim to hidden pitfalls like crippling sunburns, depressing waterslide failures, and drunken tourists who bring their kids to the bar and try to fight you if you smoke too close to them. Despite these minor bugaboos, though, the festival should come back even stronger next year, so it’s with this in mind that I present you with some important dos and don’ts of partying on international waters. More »

Bed Bugs And Bail Money: The Dating Life of A 20-Something

Bed Bugs And Bail Money: The Dating Life of A 20-Something

Wow. 30-something women sure do spend a lot of money on dating. According to Doree Shafrir’s “case study” on, an average Carrie Bradshaw type spends $5,648 on just one year of husband hunting before she even leaves her fancy house. When I first saw this, I was all, “OMG. That lady spent $562 beautifying a part of her body no straight man without a foot fetish even glances at? Balderdash! And who are these ‘urban professional’ people in their ‘thirties’ who ‘take taxis’ all willy-nilly like they are made of diamonds?”

But then I thought about it some more, and realized us pinwheel-eyed girls in our 20s burn mad scratch in pursuit of love and dick, too. It’s just that instead of burning it on cabs and “snacks for entertaining,” we burn it following some next-level sexual trends our parents haven’t even heard of yet. So here you have it: a typical dating year for an NYC (but probably Brooklyn) dwelling female in her early-to-mid 20s who goes on approximately one date* every two weeks, and who may or may not resemble anyone I know. It’s slightly cheaper than the amount of cash 30-something females spend on dating. But you’ll make up for that in bruised self-esteem, don’t worry. More »

Party Report: ‘Seventeen’ Magazine Brings Cheerleading, Ashley Tisdale to Offices

Party Report: 'Seventeen' Magazine Brings Cheerleading, Ashley Tisdale to Offices

Early this week, I was invited to cover a “private party” thrown by Seventeen Magazine to celebrate its October issue. Ashley Tisdale and Aly Michalka — some Disney actresses my little cousin likes — would be there promoting a new CW show called Hellcats, in which they play sexy, sassy cheerleaders. I’m always down to throw back a few with teen idols and milk them for quotes, so I emailed Crushable, “Sure, sounds like weird fun.”

Then I realized the party was at 1pm, in the Seventeen offices, and there would be children there. A booze-less photo op. This was to be more weird than fun, but interesting nonetheless. More »

Memoir: I’m Not Your Typical Vegan

Memoir: I'm Not Your Typical Vegan

What do you think of when you hear the word “vegan”? A straight-edge hardcore kid with neck tattoos? Your hippie aunt who never married and lives in Northampton with five cats? That willowy girl from your high school who ate only lima beans? How badly you want to eat a steak right now?

Personally, it makes me think of getting a snack, because it describes all the food I’ve eaten for the past seven years. That’s right, I’m one of those people. After I get some hummus and pita from the fridge, I will tell you how I, an otherwise hedonistic person, got this way. More »

Crushable Party Report: Braving A Ke$ha Concert With The Hipster Grifter

Crushable Party Report: Braving A Ke$ha Concert With The Hipster Grifter

“The Hipster Grifter, Paper Magazine and Ke$ha walk into a bar.” Sounds like the set-up to a joke, right? That’s what I thought when my new acquaintance Kari Ferrell, who I’d put off hanging out with because I knew my friends would judge me, put out a tweet inviting folks to go with her to the Sounds Like Paper party at Roseland Ballroom in New York. I needed to know the punchline. More »