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Off The Market: Women, Men And Money

Off The Market: Women, Men And Money

Pauline Millard, a writer and real-estate broker in Manhattan, has encountered a troubling disparity in how young men and women handle their finances and pay rent. Her findings, in today’s Off The Market:

Last week I rented an apartment to a 22-year-old guy who was new to Manhattan. After the lease signing he lamented about having to use his father as a guarantor. I told him not to feel badly about it, he was fresh out of college, after all. It was par for the course.

“True,” he said. “But I don’t want to have to use him the next time I move.”

In all likelihood, he probably won’t. If there’s one thing I’ve noticed after renting apartments in Manhattan for a few years, is that men become financially independent light years before women. In 5 years time my young male client will be employed and have some money squirreled away so that if he needs to move, or buy a car or whatever, he’ll be able to. His female counterpart, most likely, will not. I will likely be on the phone with her father about signing a guarantor form. More »