Content Team

Jenni Maier, Editor-in-Chief

Despite being born with an allergy to pickles and an addiction to WebMD, Jenni Maier is a full-time pop culture blogger. During the rare times when Jenni Maier isn’t writing fan mail to Jennifer Lawrence or attempting to invent the next Pinterest, she’s out and about in New York City trying to score as many free food samples as possible. Her writing has appeared on Guyism, CollegeCandy and a few blogs that required her to use a fake name.

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: @mayorjenni

Alexis Rhiannon, Editorial Producer

After two-and-a-half blissful years of waiting tables for celebrities and rude normals alike, Alexis Rhiannon finally has a paid excuse to know way too much about reality television. In addition to pop culture, she has a fondness for personal space, cream cheese frosting, methamphetamines, and stalking you on Facebook. She is a decidedly odd human who has been described variously as a velociraptor, a robot, and a Muppet. She performs long-form improv throughout the city with her teams FRANK AND GARY and PULLEY. If at any point you’re having trouble finding her, it’s highly likely that she’s at Chipotle.

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Jill O’Rourke, Contributing Editor

Jill O’Rourke is a freelance blogger and full-time pop culture addict who keeps a careful mental schedule of daily Friends reruns. When she’s not cultivating her love-hate relationship with Lifetime movies or reconciling her college degree with her desire to keep up with the Kardashians, she aspires to be the Ken Jennings of identifying celebrity voiceovers in TV commercials. Her writing has appeared on Prefix Magazine and The Celebrity Cafe.


Cassandra Hough, Weekend Editor

Cassy hails from the much-less-glamorous-than-New-York-but-still-awesome city of Pittsburgh, where she’s a copywriter by day and a reality-television addict by night.  She has a knack for impersonating just about anyone worth impersonating, finding bottled wine on sale, and making the most out of small community theater roles.  She has a fat cat named Ralphie, after her favorite Christmas movie character (although his name was almost Clark W. Griswold) and a lazy old dog named Molly who take up most of the space on her iPhone photo app in lieu of real children.  She has experience as a freelance copywriter, full-time PR specialist, term paper aficionado, and overall pop culture guru.


Katie Garrity, Contributing Writer

Katie Garrity is a recent graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in English and a looming fear of dying along with 12 cats. She hopes to one day move to the coast (either one would work, really, she’s not picky). She also enjoys overanalyzing text messages, taking selfies on Instagram, and crying for no reason in particular.

twitter: @KatieGarrity

Garnet Henderson, Contributing Writer

Garnet Henderson is known, in her small hometown, as that girl who moved to the big city. In New York, she is known as that girl from Wyoming. Garnet is addicted to good music and trashy reality TV, and is also a dancer and choreographer. Her writing has appeared on CollegeCandy, Inside New York, the Dance Enthusiast, and in the Brooklyn Rail.

twitter: @GarnetHenderson

Madeline Raynor, Contributing Writer

Madeline Raynor is a New York City-based writer and an English major at Oberlin College. You can also find her work on  Indiewire, Wonderly, and Fearless and Loathing. Two reasons that she exists are literature and the arts. She strives to exercise both sass and insight in equal amounts. Word to the wise: her name is pronounced with a long “i,” just like the little red-haired girl from France, whom she likes to think she was named after.

twitter: @titledivine

Caitlin Murphy, Contributing Writer

Caitlin Murphy was born and raised in northern New Jersey, and is constantly searching for a way out (please, let her know if you’ve found one). She suffers from a crippling addiction to all thing pop culture-related and shirks all other responsibilities in favor of reality television. You can often find her watching hours upon hours of Law and Order: SVU on Netflix, drinking far too much Arizona iced tea and making people uncomfortable with her obnoxious sarcasm.

twitter: @caitlinmurphyy

Anna Sims, Contributing Writer

Anna Sims is a web producer and freelance writer living in Boston. She grew up in Des Moines, Iowa but, contrary to popular opinion, did not have a cornfield for a backyard. Her hobbies include Beyoncé, shoe shopping, and wondering why her apartment is dirty when she just cleaned it yesterday.

twitter: @annalise515

Carling Uhler, Contributing Writer

DC-dweller Carling Uhler is a all-things-entertainment-celebrity-obsessed writer, who pays for her cable and internet bill by working for the DoD. She’s kind of like the most awkward superhero you’ll ever encounter and her kryptonite is mac and cheese. She enjoys moderately-priced (read: cheap) red wine and anything that airs on Bravo, and usually combines the two. Carling is always questing to become a full-time (read: paid) writer, and continues to be the ultimate random trivial facts champion. She has a greyhound named Fuzzy and a love/hate relationship with hipsters

Olivia Wilson, Intern

Olivia Wilson is an English major at New York University, where she enjoys discussing the fact that she, unlike Vampire Weekend, is pro-Oxford comma. She is feverishly dedicated to croissants as her breakfast food of choice and exercises a zero-tolerance policy toward large crowds, which she avoids like H1N1. She has experience as a freelance writer, an interviewer, and a frequent worrier about being single forever, all skills that she is always improving upon.

twitter: @otherolivia