Just Video Of Kim Kardashian Leaving Her Paris Hotel And Almost Forgetting Her Baby

Kim Kardashian North West leaving Paris hotel October 2014

If you asked me which celebrity child I thought was most likely to have a Home Alone experience before puberty, my answer would always be North West. And she almost had one in Paris this week, by the looks of this new video of Kim Kardashian leaving her hotel after Fashion Week. It sure does look a lot like Kim was about to get into her car and head to the airport before remembering that, oh yeah, she has a child, and then going back inside to retrieve her.

Kim struts out of the building and heads to her car, where she removes her coat as if she’s about to climb in. But then she turns around to go back inside, and when she comes back out again, the coat is back on and she’s carrying a frowny North. I imagine North’s internal monologue went a little something like this:

“Curse you, woman! I was almost finished fashioning a rope out of bedsheets so I could rappel down the side of the building and take on a new identity as a French baby named Nord Ouest. I was going to get a job making baguettes and spend my evenings gazing at the Eiffel Tower and maybe take up smoking. Foiled again!”

Perhaps Kim was distracted by making sure the holes in her outfit looked Swiss cheesy enough, or maybe that tackle from Vitalii Sediuk dislodged the portion of her brain that remembers she has a baby. Haha, just kidding. She never had that part of her brain in the first place.

To be fair (I hate being fair when Kim K is involved, harrumph), Kim doesn’t declare “I forgot my baby!” or ask “Where’s North?” And there are a few cuts in the video that I suppose could provide an explanation that doesn’t make her look like a terrible mother. I’m sure she’ll tell us what really happened very soon. Either that or Kanye will rant about it. Maybe Kim should invest in a compass. Get it? Because compasses point to North? I slay myself.

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    • Sara Steinfeld

      I’m glad that she’s still the worst, even as a mother. Also I definitely initially misread the title as Kim Kardashian Leaving Her Pants in the Hotel and I was like “Stars, they’re just like us.”

      • enté

        except the fact, she is not a star… :)

      • mia

        no, she’s worse

    • Alexis Rhiannon

      This. Is. Amazing.

    • mlg555

      Geez is that movie out yet? Think I’ll stay clear of crushable til the Alex ad is gone! So annoying.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Which Alex ad?

      • Hanz Olo

        Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. The ad pops up every time you click on a post on Crushable. It is getting awfully annoying.

      • Nbl

        Tell Olivia that every time I come here there’s a huge ad for Black-ish and it makes me giggle really hard.

      • Olivia Wilson

        My internet heard you say “tell Olivia” and it brought me here. I didn’t even click or anything.

      • Nbl

        That’s not the internet. That’s our unbreakable bi-coastal bond. Stop denying it. Embrace the creepy internet love we share.

    • mich_nicole

      poor, poor baby :(

    • Emily A.

      Maybe when we have succeeded to #freejinger she can start a worldwide crusade to help the escapes of other celeb children. #freenorth #freesuri (well, I guess she is sort of already free)

      • A_Nicole

        #freejinger is going strong

    • Mockingjay

      I’ve always wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt but, WOW

    • Myndee

      She looks like she’s mumbling where’s my paycheck, I mean child. Then as Muss Muffin Top is walking back out, she could not look more annoyed. And why are they dressing the baby like either a boy or a stripper in training with the see through outfits? But I’m glad to see she’s finally given up carrying the fake car seat

      • bellaboone

        Couldn’t even smile or say goodbye to the idiots who were actually being nice to her for some stupid reason.

      • mia

        yeah and how about her walking like she’s a floating queen?

    • A_Nicole

      *sigh* She may as well carry North by Northwest in her purse so she won’t forget her. I mean WOW just wow.

    • Mary Ellen H

      Honestly in her defense (I know it pains me as well) but I’m sure she’s not the first mother to walk out the door and forget her kid, and I’m sure she won’t be the last. She was just unlucky enough to have it caught on tape.

      • aCongaLine

        I’m that mom. totes forgot my youngest in the living room, thought she was in the car already. Looked over when I was strapping in my older, and was like “oh, shit. one more trip in the house for me!”

      • mia

        but she’s the biggest show off who thinks the public sidewalk is her red carpet so she wants all eyes on her and puts herself in place of being judged

    • Olivia Wilson

      “I was almost finished fashioning a rope out of bedsheets so I could rappel down the side of the building and take on a new identity as a French baby named Nord Ouest” is the best sentence I’ve ever read.

    • nikki753

      Now, I have as little use for the Kardashians as the next person. And that outfit is beyond hideous. But… there are enough factual things to mock them about. I don’t think she forgot her kid. It seemed like one of those logistical thing where she hadn’t planned on bringing her with at that time but then decided to go get her.

    • JJ

      Why is this child always dressed in dark, black depressing fashionable clothes? I know she’s still living a good life don’t get me wrong she’s rich, she’s well cared for and everything but why so dark all the time. So I’m by no means here to be screaming child abuse the way some people do when they talk about the Kardashians. But dress her occasionally like the normal, cute little baby girl she is. Put a colourful onsie with animals on her or some funky tights with a bright coloured dress. She’s a child not a fashion accesory. Even Beyonce and Jay Z dress up their cute daughter in some fashionable, but fun cute kids clothes.

    • Korine

      So, this is funny and all, but I’m surprised how many people seem to be taking it seriously, like we actually know that’s what happened. Maybe North was napping and someone was going to wait with her and then called Kim to say she woke up…or any thousand other things. Don’t get me wrong, I do think its funny speculation, it’s just weird that everyone is taking it as fact that she forgot her child.

    • guest

      Oh please – if this was a non-celebrity/ reality star and a regular mom , no one would think twice or they would say something along the lines of “don’t worry super regular mom – this happens all the time… he he he”. Perhaps she thought someone had brought out the baby etc. the hypocrisy is crazy.

      • capoupascap

        ITA, look I’m not even a Kim fan but the amount of hate she gets especially for something that happens (I’ve forgotten to pick up my son at daycare myself) is just ridiculous. Especially for a site that is all about being oh so feminist they sure do love to tear Kim down for basically even existing, it’s just one of the reasons I barely read here anymore.

    • Joye77

      It look like she peered into the limo and realized “Hey, there’s a car seat in there,…oh shit!” It was funny in a sad way.

    • aCongaLine

      I’m 98% sure she saw the car seat in the limo and was like, “oh shit, brb.”

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