Justin Timberlake Is Accused Of Cheating On Jessica Biel, So This Is How It Begins

Justin Timberlake dancing pelvic thrusting black and white GIFIt’s probably a little too early to say we told you so, but as someone who’s been telling you for months that Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel might be heading for divorce, I’m not super shocked to hear that there are claims JT was getting a little cozy with one of his touring singers.

Be suspicious all you want, but artists having relationships with their backup performers is a known thing. Just look at Britney Spears, Madonna, and Jennifer Lopez! They all ended up hooking up with their dancers, and why wouldn’t they?? You basically have a wall of hot, talented, fit humans dancing behind you, so if anything’s going on in your personal life, all you have to do is turn around and pick one out to make eyes at. Which is supposedly what Justin did, at least according to Star. Not only do they allege that he crossed a line with one of his touring singers, but they even have a name — Zenya Bashford.

According to them, the two of them were seen dancing super close and getting handsy at a club in Paris:

“It was definitely more than friendly. They were dancing in a way that no married man should ever dance with someone who isn’t his wife. Justin’s behavior with Zenya is unacceptable.”

So like the waltz? The rumba? The salsa? Which dance should you never do with someone who isn’t your wife?? I bet it was the salsa, you cheeky bean. But just as Star has me convinced that some hanky-panky went down, they back up off it, making it sound like there’s no way anything could happen, because Jessica keeps such close tabs on him.

“Jessica knows that she’s up against dozens of women every night while Justin’s on tour — especially women who want something out of him — so she makes sure he texts and calls her daily when she can’t be there in person. Jessica’s no fool; she knows she has to keep an eye on Justin.”

That seems pretty damning in itself, that she doesn’t feel like she can trust him, and feels the need to micromanage him…but bottom line, it seems like there’s no actual proof that anything untoward happened. Yet.

“Despite Jessica’s suspicions about her husband’s life on tour, she’s never had proof that Justin has been unfaithful.”

Okay, so I may have jumped the gun a little bit. But guys, this is how it starts, so remember where you were in this moment so we can all swap stories later on about where we were when we first realized that JT+JB might not = 4EVA.

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    • Alana Vincenza

      This is kind of a breakup that I want to happen so I’m pretty good with these rumors.

      • capoupascap

        I do not understand wanting a couple you don’t even know to break up. Like seriously that’s pretty ridiculous.

      • Alana Vincenza

        Definitely ridiculous, but I still wouldn’t mind it one bit.

      • @alana

        What an awful thing to say. These things are not the stuff you say or type keep it to yourself. Have a little common decency

      • Alana Vincenza

        But sharing my opinion is what the comments are for!

      • marbolous

        I’m still secretly hoping for a Britney/Justin Reunion. I know it’s extremely unlikely/silly, but my childhood ships are particularly difficult to sink.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        The Titanic they are not!

      • M_G

        Can I ask why you’re hoping for it? Just curious…I don’t have much of an opinion (good or bad) of either one of them.

      • pusherlovegirl

        Nooooooo, whhhhyyyyyy!!!! They have to adopt me still!!!!!

      • Alana Vincenza

        I feel this feel, I’m waiting on my invitation to join the Gosling-Mendes family in the hope that some of their pretty can rub off on me.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        I’m holding out for Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, personally.

      • Sara Steinfeld

        I mean, I’m kind of on board with this thought because Jessica Biel was never really my cup of tea.

      • Alana Vincenza

        If not my cup of tea = basic, then I totally agree.

      • marbolous

        Your comments are giving me life today Alana! lol

    • ZMS

      Some of the pics from star look tampered with. Not saying he wouldn’t cheat….all men/woman are able to….. but there’s something off. The pics don’t scream cheating to me especially since they were in a club and it’s so loud you have to be up in people’s personal space to hear wtf they’re saying. And it’s Star so I wouldn’t put it passed them. I’m gonna need a tab with a better track record before I believe it like Us Weekly. Star had pretty much the same article written about Gwen/Gavin and Miranda/Blake and no one got divorced so….

    • Jessieface

      Warning, misplaced rat coming: I hate the tone of those quotes (not the article itself). Why, in a discussion of a man’s alleged/impending/existing/speculated infedility do we make it about his spouse being ‘up against’ other women? Or about how needy she is being? Or how ‘sad’ she is (not in an emotional way, but in a judgemental way). Why isn’t the discussion more about his actions? Not that I think any of this is really any of our business (but I get it, i love a juicy morsel of celeb gossip) but I’d like it if the judgement and snark were more evenly distributed, or more heavily distributed where they should be?

      • ZMS

        Tabloids are so anti women. We are desperate to get married and have children. The only way we get what we want is to give an ultimatum. Meanwhile men are portrayed as being indifferent to all of it. Especially when the couple isn’t of equal fame level. For some reason with celebs how much fame they have = human worth. People will pick and choose what to believe based on whether they like that certain celebrity. This site and you Alexis give into that and spread that idea instead of questioning the creditability of magazines like OK, Star and National Enq all which have a terrible track record. For some reason when it comes to celebs people lose common decency and get real petty.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        Yeah, totally agreed! It’s always like that, that Jessica is being ‘crazy’ for keeping tabs on him, when the actual story is that he isn’t behaving in a trustworthy manner. (All of this contingent on these rumors being true, of course.)

    • csc

      Maybe it’s just me but I feel like people should stop judging celebrity relationships they know nothing about. They are still people and they have so many false stuff written about them. I don’t think he cheated. They were at the club and it’s a really loud place, you have to be close to someone to actually talk to them. It’s just unfortunate photos and then the story made up by tabloid.

    • Audacious Chick

      They did the ‘you can’t put baby in the corner’ dancing. Dirty dancing baby!

    • https://soundcloud.com/kirsten-ascio Kirsten

      Being a huge JT fan, I’ve never been too crazy about JB. Or any woman besides Britney Spears (JT AND BRITNEY FOREVER) BUT I WILL SAY, I would rather have them be a happily married couple, than have either one of them cheat on each other.

    • http://danica-joshifer.tumblr.com/ Danica

      Not the first time. Google > Justin TImberlake + Thaila Ayala

    • Cee

      I know, I know I always say this. I just can’t figure out why women root for this marriage to fall apart. I hate that it always seems like Justin can do better. What has he done to make himself worthy of deserving better, really? He’s a crappy song away from basically being Robin Thicke.
      I also can’t figure out why people hate Jessica with so much passion. She’s a pretty girl like the one’s many good looking Hollywood dudes marry. I find it interesting that young white female writers of many sites don’t like her. Perhaps they fear they are as…(insert whatever description makes people hate her) as she is?

      • I’ll tell you why

        Jessica is disliked a lot because she has the majority of the public fooled. IMO , JT is to blame for some of this for not having a backbone to be MAN enough to be with the person that he REALLY wants to be with, despite what others around him have pressured him into doing. (and no, his real love is NOT Britney nor is it Jessica) Jessica presents herself one way with certain medias backing her up and in reality, she is totally the OPPOSITE and JT’s career is what’s carrying her. She knows it, he knows it and the greedy, selfish people around JT know it too. Nonetheless, I still like JT and his music.

    • Join the conversation

      Deep down inside I still hope Justin and Britney will end up together again.