Liberty Ross Forgives K-Stew For Breaking Up Her Marriage, Aka She Wants Attention

Liberty Ross attending HBO Emmy Awards after party August 2014Two years after her marriage ended, Liberty Ross is finally ready to forgive Kristen Stewart for breaking up her marriage to Rupert Sanders. That story again? Liberty Ross would like a headline please and thank you.

As you may recall, when Kristen and Robert Pattinson needed a plausible way to end their fakelationship two years ago, they turned to Rupert, Kristen’s director in Snow White and the Huntsman. A few surreptitious, snuggly shots in front of the Hollywood sign later, and every party involved in the supposed ‘affair’ was gracing magazine covers and doing interview, giving Twilight endless rounds of free publicity. Convenient, no?

And with all that extra publicity flying around, you know Liberty grabbed some for herself. Shortly after the scandal blew up, she inexplicably walked in Fall Fashion Week in New York City, and waited to file for divorce from Rupert until right before Spring Fashion Week the following season. I see you, girl. Since then, she’s given interviews about Kristen and Rupert at every opportunity, and her recent conversation with Harper’s Bazaar is no different.

Even though she publicly forgave Rupert over two years ago when this scandal first broke, she’s trying to milk it even further by doing it all again. Gets her a headline, right?

“I have no problem with anyone involved. I’m completely compassionate, I really am. No life is perfect, we all have our problems and issues and I believe that it’s good to be true to who you are. People need to learn to forgive.”

Alright cool, but it seems like you have the ‘forgive’ part down, so maybe it’s time to focus on the ‘forget’? Just a thought.

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    • Sara Steinfeld

      I would almost rather she not publicly address this at all. She’s taking something that was already pretty high-profile and escalating and promoting it needlessly.

    • duh

      I think she just keeps getting asked about it so she answers and people know it will get hits so they print it. I interpreted it as she finally said the words that they are all fine. She believe in compassion and forgiveness. Rupert and her weren’t in a good place anyway. None of the other quotes ever said that before. She is finally saying move the f’ on. They all have. Now – if I see this again in a couple months, then I may agree. This time, it feels more like she is asking others to move on.

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