21 Beyonce Songs You’ll Love Way More Than ‘Single Ladies’

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It’s Beyonce‘s 33rd Bey Day, everyone! Otherwise known as the perfect excuse not to go to work, or school (according to this particular genius), or any other personal obligations you planned on committing to today!  So what better way to displace all the attention surrounding her maybe-fakelationship/marriage/association with Jay-Z or Blue Ivy‘s hair than by dancing and singing to all her unforgettable and timeless anthems in hopes that one day you’ll wake up like Beyonce, or at least a quarter of a Beyonce? Absolutely nothing!

So don’t worry about putting together that Bey Day playlist by yourself because I’ve got you covered right here with 21 songs by Queen Bey that you can surfboard to:

1. Dance For You

I know the choreography by heart, kid you not.

2. Smash Into You

Even though I find myself teetering between hers and Jon McLaughlin‘s original as for which I favor more, Beyonce wins simply for choosing it for I Am… Sasha Fierce in the first place.

3. Dangerously In Love

Still love, love, LOVEEE this song even to this day. It’s a classic!

4. Ring The Alarm

Hands down, one of the coolest vids and songs by the queen.

5. Pretty Hurts

Another clever pick from Beyonce, taking on this emotional ballad by the amazing Sia Furler which was initially penned for Katy Perry.

6. Yonce/Partition

Between “Yonce” and “Flawless,” it’s pretty difficult for me to decide which is the best Beyonce song of all time.

7. Jealous

This song brings me back to high school when that douche cheated on me in high school. Eff you, Marco DelRossi!

8. I Miss You

Thanks to Frank Ocean‘s talented pen game and her delicate vocals on this track, this song certainly deserved a spot on this list without question.

9. Drunk In Love (feat. Jay-Z)

Am I the only one waitlisted for Beyonce’s Surfboarding 101 course?

10. Ego (feat. Kanye West)

Because everyone totally remembers this one, and loved the remixed version even more!

11. Crazy In Love (feat. Jay-Z)

This playlist wouldn’t be complete without one of her most addictive songs ever.

12. Suga Mama

Simply couldn’t resist, and why should I?

13. Me, Myself And I

It’s totally okay being a single, independent and powerful woman because Beyonce says so.

14. Bow Down/I Been On

I’m literally on my knees…

15. 1+1

Still not over the fact that this song didn’t get the radio play I wanted it to. What the eff!

16. No Angel

There’s no way you can listen to this song with clothes on, it’s that seductive!

17. Flawless

My boss better hope I never wake up flawless tomorrow. Not kidding here.

18. Party (feat. J.Cole)

It’s ridiculous how many plays this one’s racked up on my iTunes.

19. Mine (feat. Drake)

I’ve already warned Nicki Minaj about touching my future husband, but Beyonce gets a pass because she’s Beyonce and I’m not, and I simply couldn’t handle another sting by the BeyHive

20. Zodiac (feat. Missy Elliot)

I’m going all the way back because it’s totally necessary and this song is unbelievably beautiful.

21. Flaws And All

Love the fact Beyonce can admit she’s not the epitome of perfection in this song, even though about a billion people around the world would disagree.

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    • Guest

      Omgeez. Countdown, the best thing, if i were a boy… hard to make a list like this and limit to 21…

      • parisc

        I know! These are always so hard for me to narrow down but those are awesome songs without a doubt.

      • Music Mamma

        Totally agree on Countdown, one of my all time favorites!

    • Sara Steinfeld

      I said “serfbort” on four separate occasions today so I wholeheartedly agree with you. Paris, I think you and I are universally on the same page.

      • parisc

        That’s one lucky page!

    • A_Nicole

      Geez this list reminds me of how much I love Beyonce. Throw in some DC music and I’ve been a fan since I was a child. LORD
      Also just in case people don’t remember that you can’t disrespect Queen Bey…