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Victoria Justice Changed Her Mind, Now Admits The Leaked Nudes Are Of Her

Victoria Justice sad sliding down the wall GIFIn light of this ridiculous nude photo leak, are there any female celebrities out there who’d like to hire me as a publicist? Because I have a feeling I could do a better job spinning this story than some of their representation has been. Looking at you, Victoria Justice.

I want to say first of all that I’m really in no position to judge celebrities’ response to this tremendous violation of their privacy. (Unless said celebrity is Ariana Grande, in which case — girl, ya dumb, and I will judge away.) These women had their bodies put on display and their peace of mind destroyed, and if they don’t immediately know how to respond to that crime, that’s understandable.

Buttttt that said — I think it would be really helpful to Victoria Justice in particular if she got her story straight. As soon as the nudes were released, Victoria took to Twitter to claim that they were fakes:

Some points awarded for using puns at a time like this, but i also want to point out that when you claim photos are fake, you make a certain percentage of the population want to go check for themselves, to see if they believe you. So you actually end up with more people looking at the photos, which becomes especially ironic when you do an about-face and admit that yes, they were of you in the first place:

Shortly after I tweeted about certain pics of me being fake, I was faced with a serious violation of privacy. There have always been fake photos of me on the internet, but I will not be put in the position to defend myself as to what is real or what is fake. I am angry at this massive invasion of privacy, and like the other women who are in this situation alongside of me, I am taking legal action to protect my rights.

Victoria is entitled to react however she wants, but waffling around like this takes attention away from the fact that she didn’t do anything wrong. None of these women did. Their photos were stolen from them, and that’s all anyone needs to know. Saying the pictures aren’t of you makes it seem like if they were, you’d somehow be at fault, and that couldn’t be further from the truth.

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  • Mockingjay

    It makes no sense why any of the pictures would be fake. They have so many, way fake some and not the others?

    And you make a very good point about causing more attention to them.

    • Alexis Rhiannon

      Exactly. Whoever this person is, he or she took them from the stars’ accounts, so them being fake wouldn’t make any sense. Unless they had fake nude photos of themselves saved to their clouds.

      And thanks!

    • JammyJ

      You are aware that the hacker probably posted the fake nudes first in order to goad a response out of Miss Justice right? And then posted to real ones to make her look bad. Which it did work to some extent but anyone who would do have a bit of research would see that the first ones WERE in fact fake. The SECOND ones that were released were real hence her SECOND response addressing the privacy breach.

      Lets do a little fact finding first guys.

    • YesOrNo

      Again you seem to have trouble understanding this Alexis.

      First photo released. Fake. So VJ tweeted “That’s a fake photo”

      Second wave of photos, real. So VJ tweeted “My privacy has been invaded”

      You’re wrong in this case. Just admit that you didn’t fact find properly.

    • Hannah

      I agree with this they are probably all real, the only proven thing to be fake from the original hacker himself in an anonIB/4chan thread were supposed JLaw facial shots (uploaded by a 4chan user of his gf a few months ago) and BJ videos which turned out to not be fake but of Jessica Brown Findlay from Downton Abbey.

      So sad anyway you look at it whether JLaw, Jessica Brown Findley, Kate Upton, or all the other ladies who had their privacy stolen. I gained some respect for the women came out and said they were real and they would prosecute to the fullest, shows they know they did nothing wrong with those private photos.

    • Alexis Rhiannon

      Absolutely. Completely agreed.

    • YesOrNo

      But you’re wrong in this case. The first picture of her was fake. That’s a given. She didn’t lie or change her tune at all. First wave of photos are fake and she said so. Second wave of photos are real and she admitted to it. You’re wrong in this case.

    • YesOrNo

      They’re not all real though. The first one of Victoria justice was fake. That’s been proven to be true. She even retweeted the picture to show everyone WHERE they got her face from it.

      The SECOND pics shown of her were real. That’s when she admitted to her privacy being invaded.

      This is already proven to be true. You just need to dig a little further.

    • JammyJ

      The first ones were fake. You can even match up the facial expression and see the SAME ONE she used in the nude that she did in a clothed picture. So yes that was fake hence the first tweet from her.

      The SECOND ONE that came out? That was the real one hence why she made the tweet about her privacy being invaded. This is common sense.

    • YesOrNo

      What’s so hard to understand about this? Some of VJ’s nude pics are fake, some of them are real.

      That’s what the hacker did. Released the first wave of fakes, wait for her response and released the second wave of real photos.

      Also she’s not a big name so it’s not really causing more attention.

    • Mockingjay

      I understand just fine, I just don’t believe it.

    • Jammyj

      Well then you’re ignorant. The first pic was clearly fake. You’re just delusional then.

    • Mockingjay

      You guys do realize how petty this all is right?

    • Jammyj

      How is it petty to call to say that you’re wrong? You are wrong. I’m just stating a fact.

    • YesOrNo

      Aren’t you the one joining in this conversation as well? How does that make you any less petty?

    • YesOrNo

      That’s because you’re gullible and misleading.

  • Sara Steinfeld

    Part of me kinda wishes that people would stop talking about this altogether. Like you said, none of these women did anything wrong, and while I’m sure it’s important to address them once for PR reasons that I don’t entirely get, once is enough, then stop drawing attention to the matter.

    • Mockingjay

      I have to agree. I definitely think the discussion should be about keeping our personal things private and secure and making it harder for hackers to violate us in any way, including online banking since more people are touched by that.

    • YesOrNo

      Yet here you are talking about it….

  • fre

    At the time she claimed the pictures were fake they actually were, the real pictures showed up later.

    • Mockingjay

      It’s very likely that someone could make the same or similar faces in multiple pictures.

    • JammyJ

      I’m not talking about the SIMILAR face I’m talking about the SAME EXACT face. It doesn’t happen @disqus_K11Tv3pzKj:disqus

    • Miguel Cervantes

      Uh, no they were always real, none of what was leaked were fake, she just didn’t want to admit that she was exposed. Nothing wrong with nudes, just if they get spread around then tell truth not that they’re fake when they are clearly her. The hacker made some very concrete evidence that these pics were really her, even using a Instagram post with her wearing a shirt that she was also clearly wearing when she is lifting to expose herself.

    • fred

      None of that “evidence” concerned that one single nude that was around when she claimed it was a fake and that is because it was a fake. The hacker then released a bunch of pics that were real and that did not include the nude she commented on. The picture she called a fake was a fake and was the only nude around at the time of her post.

    • Alexis Rhiannon

      Hey Victoria, sup?

    • Jammyj

      Don’t want to admit you guys were wrong eh?

    • YesOrNo

      Sorry that you can’t fact find properly Alexis. Maybe if you learned how to be an actual reporter people would take you seriously.

    • Alexis Rhiannon

      Speaking of fact-finding, I’m a blogger, not a reporter.

    • YesOrNo

      You’re also not a competent writer but that’s besides the point. Even a semi decent blogger knows how to do some research to put out a quasi accurate article. You’ll get there eventually.

    • Alexis Rhiannon

      Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jammyj

      Uh yes the were fake. At least the first rounds that came out were fake and clearly doctored. Her real ones didn’t come out until she made that statement. It was probably Because the hacker wanted her to look bad and make it sound like she was lying. But yes the first rounds were fake. You can even see the same facial expression she used in a previous picture.
      - again she was telling the truth. The first rounds of her were fake. The second rounds real which she did not deny, you’re wrong.

    • Alexis Rhiannon

      I can’t see the expressions she makes in them, because I committed not to look at them, to respect her privacy. Sorry to hear you didn’t make the same decision.

    • YesOrNo

      Looking at them isn’t a crime but yes the original photos released WERE fake. The first ones at least. The second wave of photos were legit. You could’ve done a quick search to find this out.,

    • JammyJ

      Exactly. That’s exactly what happened.

  • http://twitter.com/GypsyHeartMark L.M.S.

    I thought the Ariana Grande statement was petty, but I do agree about Victoria’s situation.

    • JammyJ

      She did nothing wrong so why are you blaming her?

    • http://twitter.com/GypsyHeartMark L.M.S.

      Because The Blame Game is such a fun game! I’m thinking about playing Taboo next. Are you in?

    • YesOrNo

      I’m surprised you can actually spell Taboo lol

    • http://twitter.com/GypsyHeartMark L.M.S.

      I surprised myself with that one as well.

    • YesOrNo

      Well then you’re a fool. Blaming the victim is a foolish thing to do.

    • http://twitter.com/GypsyHeartMark L.M.S.

      I’m not blaming the victim. I’m blaming your mama! lol

    • YesOrNo

      Why are you blaming her? She got her bad habits from yours ;)

    • http://twitter.com/GypsyHeartMark L.M.S.

      Welp, I guess monkey see, monkey do applies here.

  • Janelle

    I agree with this, but I also see why she would want to say that they’re fake. She’s young, and this is embarrassing…just because you’re a celeb doesn’t mean you’re the most secure, the most confident. At 21 (her age) I’m sure I would have denied them, too. So, I’m going to applaud her for realizing that this was not her fault, and that this was a violation.

  • Jammyk

    That’s not the point at all. The point is the first set of pics that came out were fake hence her first tweet. The second set that came out were real hence the second one. So she didn’t lie or anything. Some of them at the time were fake when the initial rounds started to spread.

    • johnny

      There was not two sets of released pics they all came out the same time. She tried to cover it up and failed. The only fake part of the picture was someone added her face from a picture of hers because she took the nude selfies from the neck down. The first pic was her body just the face was added. There is a very detailed comparison of everything jn the room in the background proving the first pic was her

    • YesOrNo

      No they didn’t. The first pic came out which was clearly fake. You can see that they super imposed her face onto a different person’s body. It’s the same exact facial expression on two different pictures. That doesn’t happen. The SECOND wave of pictures that came out were real. The first pic was her face photoshopped on someone’s body. This had already been confirmed by everyone on twitter.

      The detailed comparison of everything in the room didn’t happen until AFTER the second wave came out which made her tweet the second tweet.

      Two sets of photos, two sets of different tweet. There two sets. You are wrong.

    • JammyJ

      “There was not two sets of released pics they all came out the same time.”

      Yes there were. This had already been proven many times. Even the commentors on an eonline message board can confirm it. The first pic that came out of her holding her chest was fake. It was her face on someone else’s body. She even retweeted it to show where they got her face from.

      “She tried to cover it up and failed.”

      Nope didn’t happen. She said that her nudes were fake because at the time of the first set they were in fact fake. The second set that came out was real which is why she made that twit longer explaining that her privacy was invaded. It wasn’t a cover up and she didn’t lie. There were fake nudes along with her real ones. People are just getting their stories mixed up.

      “The only fake part of the
      picture was someone added her face from a picture of hers because she
      took the nude selfies from the neck down.”

      Not from the one she retweeted. That pic was a girl holding BOTH her breasts in her hands. You can’t take a selfie with no phone in your hands. The picture she retweeted from the FIRST set was fake, You are wrong.

      “The first pic was her body
      just the face was added.”

      No it wasn’t. It was her face photoshopped on a different body because that other body wasn’t a selfie. They were all selfies except for that picture she retweeeted because THAT one was a fake. You’re confused.

      “There is a very detailed comparison of
      everything jn the room in the background proving the first pic was her”

      After the second set was released. Which caused her to make the second tweet about her privacy not being respected.

      Get the time line right Johnny.

    • JammyJ

      There were two sets of released pics. Her fans can confirm that this happened. The first set that came out were the fakes. She retweeted one of the fakes showing where they got her face from to photoshop it on someone else’s body. Then the second set was released along with a detailed comparison. So yes the first picture along with the first set was fake.

      She didn’t try to cover it up because at the time the only pictures that we saw were the fake ones. The real ones didn’t come out until she said the first ones were fake.

      This is a fact.

    • Doobey

      You’re wrong Johnny. There were two sets that came out. The first set that came out was fake. You can clearly tell they are fake because she retweeted one of the doctored photos from where they got her face from. The one you’re talking about where someone added her face from a picture to a proported nude selfie also looks fake and off putting. Anyone with a real knowledge in photoshop could tell you that. The detailed comparison with the REAL nudes came AFTER her firs tweet about claiming that the first rounds that came out were fake. She wasn’t lying. They were fake. It was the second rounds that came out that was real.

      Do some research sherlock. You sound dumb as hell.

  • JammyJ

    I get that the people on this site don’t like to do any fact finding or what not but don’t you think that a LITTLE research on your end should something that you should do before writing these articles? The first set of nudes that depicted her as naked were in fact fake. You can see the doctored photo next to a real one where she was clothed making the same face in both photos. Hence why she made the initial tweet that they were fake because yes. They were fake at the time. The SECOND photos that came out were real hence why she made twit longer of her saying her privacy was breached she felt invaded because THEN her nudes came out so no she didn’t do anything wrong at all. Not one bit. She didn’t lie or anything like that.

    Her only fault if any would be that she didn’t wait until they all came out. Then she could’ve made the comment. But that’s insignificant really because the real subject matter is that she like many other people were violated in a vicious manner.

  • Jack black

    You are all wrong the pictures are all real she tired to deny it at first but the other stars coming out saying they are real ruined her lie. She took the pictures without her face in them so someone took another pic of her and added the face. just adding the head was fake put the body was all her. There is a very detailed picture of that and a picture she posted comparing the placement and type of light switches, color of the walls, things hanging in the background and a very distinct blue and green robe. There was no way she could deny it anymore. All the pics are of her

    • YesOrNo

      No, YOU are wrong. The first picture that came out was a fake. You can clearly see it was a fake because it had the same exact facial feature on BOTH PICTURES. You can make similar faces but the SAME exact face on different bodies? No that just doesn’t happen. The first set that came out was fake. So she said “they are fake” Because they were.

      The SECOND set came out and THOSE were real which caused her to make another tweet that said her privacy had been invaded. It’s on her twitter feed and she even retweeted the fake you’re.

      So YOU are in fact wrong fake jack black.

    • JammyJ

      I’m afraid you are the one that’s wrong here Jack Black. There were fakes mixed with nudes in the batch. The first set that came out were fake. She even retweeted one of them to show that yes one of them was a photoshoped picture. The other stars are a sepperate case that had nothing to do with her. The second set of pictures came out AFTER she made her first tweet about the fake pictures. The real ones didn’t show up until after her denial in an attempt to make her look bad. Which kind of worked since the people here are gullible enough to believe it. But if you were to do five seconds worth of research and compare the time line you’d see that they didn’t come out at the same time. They came out at different time frames. Even reddit and 4chan confirmed that.

      All the pics were NOT her. You can clearly see that one of them was photoshopped. The one she retweeted. How can you make the same exact face with the same exact shading in two different time frames? That’s very unlikely.

      So no you are wrong. It’s fact that can easily be proven with just a five second google search.

    • JammyJ

      You’re the one who is wrong her. Her fans can confirm that this
      happened. The first set that came out were the fakes. She retweeted one
      of the fakes showing where they got her face from to photoshop it on
      someone else’s body. Then the second set was released along with a
      detailed comparison. So yes the first picture along with the first set
      was fake.

      She didn’t try to cover it up because at the
      time the only pictures that we saw were the fake ones. The real ones
      didn’t come out until she said the first ones were fake.

      This is a fact.

    • Doobey

      No YOU are wrong Jack Black. Those nudes of hers were fake. At least the first round of pictures. She even retweeted the picture where the person who edited the photo got her face from. And the one you’re talking about looks fake as well. Her shoulder was crooked the lighting was off, apparently you don’t know the difference between a real photo and a doctored one. The real ones came out AFTER she said the firsts were fake. probably in an attempt to make her look like a liar. But if anyone were to do five seconds of research and look up the time line, you’d see that the second round came out AFTER she made her initial tweet about her nudes being fake. Even the people on REDIT can confirm this. It’s such an easy thing to look up if you were to do an iota of research. But that would your argument now would it?

  • Jack frost

    Actually you’re all wrong here. It was fake pictures mixed in with real ones. At the time she made her first tweet addressing the manner the ones that were released were fake. The real ones came after where she addressed it a second time saying that those pics were real. So she didn’t try to cover up anything like Johnny and Jack Black said she was.

    You guys have your facts mixed up.

  • Jeksin

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