The First Photo Of Allison Williams As Peter Pan Is Here, And She’s Basically Dressed As Lena Dunham

Allison Williams Peter Pan costume September 2014

Allison Williams is still playing Peter Pan in NBC’s live musical this December. I thought I should clarify that, just in case you wake up every day hoping her casting was a bad dream you had. Carrie Underwood in The Sound of Music Live wasn’t a bad dream either, by the way. Something else that unfortunately isn’t a bad dream is this first photo of Allison in costume as her character.

The Today show revealed the photo this morning during an interview with Allison. Ugh, it’s only September and NBC is already forcing us to care about this so hard. In case you’re wondering whether Allison got a pixie cut or is wearing a wig or has her hair pulled back or received a digital haircut, I can inform you that it is a wig. Allison says she was required to wear a wig whether she chose to cut her hair or not, so obviously she decided to keep her flowing locks. Sure, a likely story.

But let’s talk about this costume, shall we? That’s… interesting. And by interesting I mean pretty damn bad. It looks like the kind of thing I would put together from my closet after being invited to a costume party last minute. Throw on some bike shorts, rip the sleeves off a jacket, toss a belt across my torso, add on some extra scraps of fabric from my craft box, slip on my very trendy ankle boots, and head out the door.

In fact, am I the only one thinking this looks like some kind of Lena Dunham cosplay? Did she oversee the costuming on this project and Hannah Horvath it up? “Nepotism” is already this production’s middle name, so I wouldn’t be surprised. Lena’s pixie cut is obviously the first giveaway. But are those sleeves giving anybody mesh shirt flashbacks? And I’m pretty sure everyone in Brooklyn owns boots exactly like that. It’s uncanny.

Props to Allison for getting the boy pose down, though. Look at that arm thrown carelessly over her knee!

(Photo: Twitter)

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    • The Redhead

      I can’t put my finger on exactly why… but something about this picture gives me the creeps.

      • A. Montgomery

        Methinks its the green spandex.

        And possibly the 90s-era mesh sleeves.

        ….OOOH, Peter Pan’s Night at the Roxbury!

      • jen27

        I also am given the heebie jeebies. I’m pretty sure it’s how false and waxy everything on her looks. It’s like a really glossy ad for ankle boots instead of a promo photo from a production about a boy who wouldn’t grow up.

        PS: I also find Peter Pan–as a concept and as a person–creepy as hell, so that might be part of it for me.

    • M_G

      Her left arm has been ridiculously Photoshopped (and poorly). It’s all I can focus on in this picture.

    • Cee

      Though this appeals to my tomboy loving ways…the face. I don’t know. Looks..unreal and creepy.

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    • megan

      She graduated from Yale, and was in an improv troupe for 4 years. Now I don’t know if she majored in drama but nevertheless, as a renowned school of drama, and looking at everyone else who is cast in the show, I think it’s safe to say we’re in good hands.

      • Alexis Rhiannon

        She was an English major.